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10 Foods Most Dangerous For Your Health! ...

Başlatan Leila, Nis 05, 2018, 09:40 öö

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Be careful while consuming these foods! ... American Academy of Pediatrics, especially for children health of food that can be dangerous in terms of 10 were listed as follows:

1-Sausage: The Academy says that 17% of drowning events in children under 10 years of age are caused by socia- ticism and must be sold with hot dogs.

2- Fugu fish: There are very effective poison called tetrodoxin in fugu fish which is sold as thin slices as paper. The chefs cooking this fish are specially trained.

3- Ackee Fruit: When the fruit growing in West Africa and Jamaica is cut off and the redness of the husk is not expected to turn red, it can lead to coma or death.

4- Peanuts: One percent of the total population has peanut allergy. Much of the allergy cases that result in death are caused by peanuts.

5 - Foliage: Spinach , rocket, lettuce, cabbage, curly salads, such as greens are not good washing invites intestinal bacteria.

6- Ignent: When this Asian-derived plant is consumed too much, the toxins in the plant cause poisoning.

7 - Tuna Fish: Although it is the most consumed fish in the world, when it is defeated too much, it damages the nervous system and increases the risk of heart diseases.

8- Caviar: This rooted plant made with starch also produces cyanide if it is not consumed correctly and creates a risk of poisoning.

9- Coffee: This bean-derived plant causes a heart attack, as well as difficulty sleeping and yellowing of teeth.

10- Mushroom: Wild ones of this plant cause poisoning and even hallucinations