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More than 15+ Social Networking Sites you need to know about in 2018

Başlatan Karamsar, Mar 18, 2018, 03:42 öö

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To be honest we're highly not recommend holyshit style social media networking beacuse totally waste your valuable time. anyway end of day life is yours what ever what you want to do.

lets start holly shit one which is

1. Facebook: This is holy easily largest social networking website in the bug world. widely used and facebook's more that 1 billion users in the world.

2. Whats' app so other one is on smart phones (what kind of smart) we dont know anyway facebook bought whats app 2014 legal time

3. which china social media very large digital trafic on this website more than 850 million users per a month wow huge

4. Wechat similar on whats app version but not like a whats app style recording your personal cons. similar way most users prefed appox 700 million users

5. QZone like a QQ style similar asian social networking system but if you wanna extra income this website helping you appox users more than 600 million

6. Tumblr another american background lets say Yahoo network totally bloggin systems but more users on appox 500 million active using.

7. instagram lets say sharing your life for public what ever what kind of people are you is it make sense totally no idea. active using more than 550 million

8. Twitter you talking behind me no way you have to talk to me via social network cheater way lol is it correct yes twit you life your mount 140 chahters only.

9. Google+ trying to be number top5 stil no way beacuse pushing to wrong way to social icon anyway no to bad social media platform since forum 2010 usersing counting 350 million

10. Baidu Tieba China's biggest social network way always never missing anything also they do news as well so underground internet says black hackers work with them as well appox 300 million users online every week never be comes and goings around  baidu still leader on asian media more than social life style..

11. Skype was ok before microsoft . my idea beacuse lastest updates comes wrong way also building wrong java scripting so many users left behind the errors log via microsoft also after whats app launch face to face alsi smart phones get similar application via standart Microsoft Way was to late the similar standart apps on than trying to be leader on market i dont think so. Anyway skype users per monthly 300 millions approximately

12. Viber via smartphone still many users alternatives others one more then 240 million users online every week

13. SnapChat holly molly shitter like a teenager users still using appox users for a monthly 200 million

14.Pinterest to be honest this social network top15! or similar way totaly wrong way but to be or not to be is it must be top3 in pinterest but social media users cannot understand which is more effect each life thats why pinterest getting down to do list good luck less than 100 million users

15. Linkedin most Business users interesting that type of social network not really on network just social that in business will be better so many adverts comes this year with linkedin i don think so to users always online similar business sharing for a while... more than 100 million users active

to be con...