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Combined oral contraceptive pill

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The new generation birth control pills contain similar hormones and hormones similar to those of the estrogen and progesterone hormones in the body. When used directly, the protection rate from pregnancy is close to 100%. The use of pills in the early ages will not cause any problems and can also ensure that menstruation is regular and painless.
It's very easy to use. There are packs of 21 or 28 pills. One tablet should be taken regularly every day. It is best to start the first day of the pill, but it can also be started within the first five days.

Birth control pills will be considered when the first sacred of spots:
Consult your doctor
wait to start your pieces and get the first day of the first pill ads kanams
to end the drug you're using if you switch to a different pill the first day of the next piece will not change the protection of the birth control pill and start a new medication!
Continue to take a dragee each day in the direction of the arrow until the package is finished.
Pick up the drags yourself when most of the women start to sleep before the bed or the first day of the morning if you start to protect yourself, but it is useful to be careful in the first month.
Do not forget these as you continue to the next birth control pill box!
When you have finished the box, give it a break of 7 days and start the other box (please go to the next box after 7 days, regardless of whether the menstruation starts and ends)
If you take 7 days pediatric use, you will have pcs, quantity and duration are less and shorter than your normal ones. It usually takes about 3 to 4 days after you have received the last tablet of a box.
In boxes with newly developed 28 tablets, you need to start the second box without pausing.

Information on the use of birth control pills:
Pills should always be taken at the same time. If it is forgotten, its reliability will not decrease when it is received within the next 12 hours. The next day's pill should be taken at the same time again. If the time between taking any two pills is more than 36 hours, you will not have complete confidence and you may also experience bleeding. But please do not leave the pills, finish the package.
Your mothers will start laying the moon (you can get pregnant immediately, an increase in the probability of multiple pregnancy after using the birth control pills). Your men go back to the old order, amount or irregularity.

How to protect birth control pills from pregnancy?
Prevent ovulation
ensures darkening of cervical discharge, so that sperm can not pass into the uterus
is thinned prevent the insertion of the lining of the uterus fertilized egg

Who can use birth control pills?
Those who want effective protection
in excess menstruation though it is not a disease, irregular, and / or quantity of excess painful ones
is not a disease state menstrual bleeding in excess, uneven, and / or the number of severe pain who are
living with premenstrual tension syndrome we call PMS are
never left to give birth
It is also a particularly suitable method for ectopic pregnancies
, such as ovarian cysts, endometriosis, hydatidiform mole

Who should use birth control pills?
35 years old and over 20 cigarettes a day
Those with vascular stiffness, vasoconstriction, high blood pressure Those with
migraine and epilepsy
Diabetes mellitus, those who are overweight and those who are paralyzed Those who have
jaundice and liver disease
Breast cancer diagnosis and doubt Those who have
had previous severe depression


What are the characteristics of the birth control pill?
Conservation success is high (99.9%)
is easy to use
sexual intercourse is interrupted not
prevented anemia will reduce the amount of menstrual bleeding
ectopic pregnancy also provides effective protection against the formation of
Quantity and reduce the negative physical and psychological effects of premenstrual
reduce pilling
arranges pieces, menstrual reduce pain or spent
on skin Prevents oily skin and makes it look good and prevents the formation of acne
Rarely, sexual desire and vaginal dryness during the relationship can do. But most women in pregnancy because it increases sexual desire is no fear
Weight does not care
Reduce the risk of cancer of the uterus, cancer of the uterus, and benign diseases of the mammal
Especially in smokers, rarely causes circulatory disorder
Mental changes may be seen in some women but may diminish over time Reducing the
efficacy of some medications (such as epilepsy medications)
If you go to a doctor for any reason, you need to say
If you get the pills without knowing that you are pregnant, you do not increase your risk of giving birth to abnormal children. But it should not be used in pregnancy.

Severe headache episodes in migraine and
blurred vision and visual impairment in
severe leg pain in
chest pain and respiratory disorders in
sudden jaundice
breast mass in the lead

recent years, international studies have shown that birth control pills reduce uterine cancer by 50% and ovarian cancer by 40-50%. !!!!
Pills can be used as long as desired, no break is required. Statistics show that the short-term use of 1 year reduces the incidence of cervical cancer by half and that this protective effect reaches the highest level for 3 years use. After the pill is given, the protective effect lasts for 20 years. The
protective effect ofthepills on ovarian cancer starts even in very short use, such as 3-6 months. As the duration of use increases, the protective effect increases even more
After 10 years of use, the risk of ovarian cancer was reduced by 80%, and after the pill was released, the protective effect lasted for at least 15-20 years.
The longer the pill is used, the higher the protection against uterine and ovarian cancer.