In general, health can be defined as the ability of living things to continue their life functions without any problems. Living things; can be evaluated separately for each category because they are divided into subcategories, including humans, animals and plants.

When it comes to human health, it is also a very important factor in sports, along with nutritional forms and healthy nutrition. If we think that a person has a healthy body along with his birth, it is necessary to protect this body health in parallel with the culture that man has except his risks of illness and accident throughout his whole life, and it should be an example to his family and his environment. Naturally, human beings do not know the value of their health without sickness. Without sweetness, without sweetness, without black, whiteness, without winter, without the value of summer, the value of health is unknown and its meaning is unknown.

Nutrition is the basis of human health. Sports, on the other hand, represent the strength and endurance of body structure to be built upon this foundation. People regularly paying attention to food, who are away from harmful substance habits and regularly doing sports, indirectly protect their mental health and physical health. It is necessary to think of human health as a whole as soul and body health. Nutrition, in scope, is a subject that presents cultural and social differences in the world, as well as food sources of different geographical regions in particular. The feeding patterns of an Eskimo, a Chinese, and a European are naturally different. As it is known, the foods that people take are divided into vegetable and animal. Proteins and vitamins, the basic building blocks of the body, are taken in these ways.