Stomach poisoning,Food poisoning is also called stomach poisoning. Stomach and intestinal complaints arise. Stomach poisoning is sometimes mildly overtaken, sometimes even causing death. The person is infected with food and beverages contaminated with bacteria and toxins. The cause of stomach poisoning does not originate solely from the foods taken. Some drugs used unconsciously can also cause stomach poisoning. The most common symptoms are vomiting, nausea, dizziness, fever, malaise and diarrhea. As can be seen in all of these statements, sometimes a few can be seen. In the case of diarrhea, fatigue begins to occur due to decreased water from our bodies and low energy is experienced. Therefore, it is necessary to drink plenty of water among the first interventions. In addition to the situations mentioned above, it can be seen in advanced signs such as loss of consciousness and fainting. We should be calm and call 112 emergency services immediately to get help on the phone. You can also get help from Diluşeniz 114 poisoning line.

The microorganisms that cause food poisoning are bacteria. So, when food is prepared, it is necessary to wash it thoroughly and to put the juice into the juice for the microbe to die. If you are growing vegetables and fruits in your own garden, you should start eating the next week before spraying. Bugs that roam in trees and vegetables must be washed carefully to get rid of the poison. Care should be taken to cook thoroughly while the vegetables are being prepared. Among the most common diseases in the world are gastric intoxication. If stomach poisoning occurs in the elderly, it can cause serious problems. Because the amount of fluid in the body is less than adult. The poisonings caused by some bacteria pass within three to four days when the bacteria are thrown off the body. But every stomach poisoning may not be like this

Especially if there is a poisoning due to the bacteria that like to live in airless environments such as canned foods, it can result in death. Drugs should be used according to each disease. If more than one dose of medicine is used, it causes stomach poisoning. If it gets in the blood, it causes serious problems. Even if the person heals, the stomach is also damaged by the medicine. In the event of fever, vomiting, cramping or diarrhea, a doctor should be consulted immediately. As a precaution, it is useful to check the history of consumed foods and drinks. Poisoning from the waters of the fountain has also become widespread. For this reason it is necessary to boil the tap water and rest and drink it. Vegetables will be useful for thorough cleaning and cooking. Stomach poisoning can affect many people in an area. Stomach poisoning is an epidemic in places such as hospitals, schools, workplaces where mass meals are made. Sometimes it happens with the poisoning of one person. It is beneficial to use cooked pots, ovens and microwaves when cooking.