Snake stew, 454 of the approximately 2950 snakes living in the world are poisoned by the yearning. These poisonous snakes, which are scattered all around, are a defense and hunting weapon for them. Despite the absence of arms and legs, it is particularly excellent that the snakes are possessed. Serpentine is usually colorless. However, in some snakes, the poison may be in a yellowish color that plays brown. The poison is produced in the differentiated salivary gland of the snake. This poison is opened to the poison teeth through the canal, and the poison produced here is injected with the bite. The poison injected in a single bite depends on the type of snake as well as the time since the last bite. The amount is also related to the serpent's feeling of being a great threat to his prey.

Since snake uses poison to immobilize its prey, there are various toxins in its contents, and various damage occurs in organs such as muscle, kidney. Blood causes clotting problems. Hematoxin, nerve cells and neurotoxin are called neurotoxin in the serpent's blood vessels and blood cells. The effect of neurotoxins is shown in the peripheral nervous system. A significant proportion of these toxins do not pass to blood and brain, but they cause paralysis by weakening the nervous and muscular system. After poisoning, eye muscles have problems such as paralysis, difficulty swallowing, and speech impairment. Weakness in the arm muscles causes paralysis in the respiratory system. If treatment is not applied, the patient will die. Some of the snake's poison is harmful to the heart, some to the kidneys, and some poisons to the tissues.

Snake is used in medicine field

Serpentine is used as a healing resource in medicine besides these damages. More than 90% protein in snake venom. According to the snakes, there are many different proteins and enzymes in the poisons. Bengarotoxin in snake venom has helped to study the ion channels that play a role in nerve conduction, and other toxins that control the exchange of substances in the cell membranes. Serum proteins in the stomach are used for the treatment of various problems such as cancer, joint inflammation, clot formation in the vagina. There are many medicines derived from snake venom. Some snake products are used for lowering blood pressure and for cardiovascular diseases. Serum is also used in the sera used in poisonings. In this way, immunity against zehre can be achieved.