How Good for Detergent Poisoning Detergents  are among the indispensables of our ladies for our life in a more hygienic environment that makes our life easier. The fact that we want to make the house sparkle with washing water, salt spirit, dishwashing detergents and also we are hurting our health. These are extremely harmful and health-threatening materials for us. Even the smell of a majority of these chemical-weighted materials is so effective that those chemicals adhere to the lungs and poisons us.We need to be careful with the chemicals in the detergents. For this, you should choose some more protective means of cleaning using protective materials such as face mask gloves. At the same time, cleaning with detergents is not possible. You can avoid detergent poisoning by choosing natural cleaners. For example, you can use vinegar while cleaning glass, washing dishes, cleaning the kitchen or bathroom. This is as effective as bleach. Lime pressing is effective even on permanent stains. At the same time, the old soap used by our mothers is a very nice cleaning material. Despite this, there are things you need to do when you have not given up on detergents or have been poisoned.

How Good Is Detergent Poisoning?

As a consequence of detergent poisoning, which is one of the problems that every woman will have, it is necessary to wash your hands and face thoroughly with plenty of water. Then you have to get the poisoned person into fresh air. 112 emergency services describe this situation and explain what you are experiencing and how long it will be supported by indicating symptoms, vomiting, dizziness, nausea, or any other symptoms. At the same time, yoghurt is good for poisoning, and there are also rhetoric that the type of discourse for yogurt or salty ayran is not very useful. It is also stated that the kneader actually causes the pancreas to be removed from the lungs. It is more useful to drink water instead. Stay calm next to them and breathe deeply. Take oxygen to this place and get clean air. If you are getting heavy but do not panic, go to your doctor. You should absolutely go to the hospital. If your children are drinking or if they are affected, your immune system and resistance are weak and you should go to the hospital immediately and seek emergency first aid support on the way. Never stop in an enclosed space and get out into fresh air. Because of poisoning, it feels like the head is turning back. Take precautions for this and be careful when using detergents.