Cat Poisoning
Cat poisoning, poisoning of domestic animals such as cats is the result of carelessness. Chemical cleaning liquids that we used to clean the houses are poisoning of mice, insects and other similar species of poisons, stinking food and dwellings caused by cat poisoning. In the summer months, in the forested areas, in the grassy areas, in the bushes, the plants that the cats eat can cause the cat poisoning of the cat. The poisoning of a dead poisoned by cat is also among the causes of cat poisoning. The municipalities and some sadistic people cause toxic poisoning of cats and dogs to toxic meat or food poisoning. Cat poisoning it must first be identified. Identification of poisoning is based on the following conditions: the identification of poisoning by the cat, the demonstration of the poison, the marked clinical symptoms of marked cat poisoning, the residue of cat food consumed, and the residue of food containers must be sent to the toxicologic examination, many possible sources of cat poisoning.

Cat poisoning Possible sources: Plants in the field where catinin is poisoned, municipal disposal of wrong drugs given by doctor's prescription, these medicines may have been written for the cat, but the municipality may have been given the wrong amount or drugs belonging to someone else in the house could be accidentally pissed by the cat, cessation of cleaning liquids, rats are exposed to a diet of mouse feed, ants and other insecticides, food medicines, home-based medicines containing lead-based paints and dried flowers, aketaminophen medications, aspirin or ibuprofen medications, paracetamol, and especially aspirin , exposure to chemical products such as flea powder feeds, spray shampoos and antiparasitic solutions, exposure to respirable products such as carbon monoxide,chocolate, and moldy cheese is a possible source of cat poisoning.

Reasons for Cat Poisoning

Cat poisoning is  generally caused by the accidental ingestion of the chemical substances mentioned above, cattle maltreatment, toxic food for the purpose of killing the mosquito, giving municipal ingredients unknown and not suitable for use, medicines used for medicines not being thought to be good for humans, to give moldy cheese, to feed cat food, to feed harmful animals such as rats, feed cat food, cat snake inserts, scorpion sticks cause cat poisoning. Never give an over-the-counter medication without consulting the poisoning municipality veterinarian. Non-prescription drugs that are specially used for humans will be toxic to animals and are not recommended for use.

Cat Poisoning First Aid

You should check the mucous membrane color of the poisoned cat's cat poisoning. Some poisons cause certain changes in color. For example, akathaminopen intoxication forms brown mucosa zigzag color, and bright red mucosa zigzag coloration also occurs in carbon monoxide poisonings. You should check the capillary refill time. You should check the mood condition of the fetus, check for signs of paraplegia, increased signs of excitement, irregularity, depression, You should call the veterinary emergency department at the veterinarian. In case of poisoning, the weight of the cat would help the veterinarian to keep the age, the way of eating, and the last thing you ate.