Food poisoning is a very common problem today. This situation can cause very great danger to come to the ranks of all people. Many people suffer from this type of poisoning which can be as dangerous as a chemical poisoning. This problem, which has become a problem in the blood in a very short time, quickly poison many organs of the body. Food poisoning, sometimes the harmful bacteria, parasites and viruses in the food consumed by the person show the effects of poisoning in the person, causing the person to enter the life-threatening situation. For this reason, it will be much healthier for you to choose carefully and carefully the food consumed. food poisoningmany symptoms can be observed in the person. For this reason, poisoning from the water will be recognized immediately and will distinguish itself from other problems. In case the symptoms that we will be putting in order in a short time are seen, it will be much healthier for the person to go to the nearest health institution by making the necessary interventions. Poisonous foods show effects within approximately 3-4 hours after consuming, causing health deterioration of the person. For this reason, if poisonous foods are found to be toxic before they show their effects, you can reduce the problems by going to a health facility without losing time.

In the case of food poisoning, the first symptom is usually a slight abdominal pain in the person. This mild abdominal pain can become extremely violent in about ten minutes, causing the person not to get stuck. After a while, a severe nausea and some cases of establishment in the people are among the many symptoms. In addition to these symptoms, if the person is suspected of being poisoned, the person should go to the doctor immediately without losing time.
Another symptom is diarrhea in the person. This causes problems by directly acting on the digestive system of the poisonous food. In case of diarrhea coming from the field, the abdominal pain seen in the person is not alleviated. Blood diarrhea problems can also be seen with diarrhea problem in the field. In this case the person may hesitate a little more.
Sudden stomach cramps can be seen in the person during stomach poisoning. Stomach cramps seen in the incision are extremely severe and this causes stomach pain as well as abdominal pain.
The person will constantly vomit. During vomiting, blood can be seen in the vomit of the person. The blood usually causes irritation of the midge.

The main cause of food poisoning is, of course, the bacteria found in nature. It is an effect that occurs when the bacteria are placed on the foods they consume and when these bacteria grow into the body rapidly. This is especially the case when meat and meat products are contacted by any bacteria or when meat products are damaged. In addition, bacterial infections that are constantly consumed by humans can show food poisoning effects in the human body. In other words, it is not possible to see these effects in many waters that are smoked daily and are seen to be extremely clean.

In case of food poisoning, the type of the disease and poisoning should be determined first. So, the type of poisoning is determined by the tests made with the stool samples taken from the patient and the blood taken. Serum is given to the patient on a daily basis. The patient is constantly drinking water.
It should not be forgotten that elderly people and children are extremely vulnerable to food poisoning.