Dumb,numb,fool! Called me! Howcome who really incredibly hated any type of curiosity...

Bein a part of the ordinary was found to be praise worthy bought after a virtue only had
been lacking your individuality. It was only against the blindfaith to be original in mantality,
from cateschimist to the faschist.They all killed humanity. Whoever found world was
round or who of freedom made a sound, questioned their authority what was imposed
beyond doubt. I meaning the poet in me can be considered to be the all-seeing I namely
PROFIT of this century.
Incomprehensible beats 'n flow my words 'n me captivated for most people by profane
insanity. Your brains washed with vanity, for closed minds for novelty, underestimated
mighty power of the poetry.

[ Sagopa-Karabiber Duası Nak.]
Cenazemin omuzlarında yazılı karabiber duası rap
Karahaber selası, kalpte hep biçare, dudaklarında
Senfonim çalarken hep duacım oldu Bass-drum
Koca hestiy aya bedenem