A thin contour to be made around the lips in those who complain of asymmetric lips or thin lips; it makes the lips more fuller, clarifies the lines and camouflages the wrinkles around it. With permanent makeup this problem has been removed for as long as 3 years. The important thing about applying lip contour is that the lips look natural even when they do not use lipstick. To get full lips without make-up, you should try permanent make-up applications .

Permanent makeup enhances the contrast of the face with a very natural look, sharpens its lines and removes some defects. You will discover the nature of being well-maintained in everyday life and every moment. Permanent make-up eyes make them noticeable when applied to lips on eyebrows.

How to make permanent make-up application?
Before the permanent make-up, the region to be treated with the help of a local anesthetic cream with 15-20 min. After anesthesia is given, it is applied with special permanent makeup device. This process is also carried out with the help of sterile disposable needles with pigmentary substances in the lower layers of the skin.