Cracks , deformations, overweight and sagging in your postpartum body do not disturb your morale. Because all of the deformities that occur
after birth cause mental and physical impairment in the mother. If the desired improvements can not be achieved with precautions such as exercise, it is possible to regain the confidence of the person with appropriate plastic surgery applications. Memorial Hospital Professor of Plastic Surgery Dr. Deniz İşcen gave information about how post-natal women can become beautiful ...

Exercise and Massage
From the pregnancy period, babies and almond oil will be applied with massages, postpartum skin cracks canbe reduced most.
Although the changes in the body occur slowly, it issuggestedthat this change shouldnot reduce the permanent damage in the pregnancy by making it unnecessary to gain extra weight in pregnancy and expanding the fat massages in order to effect the postpartum less.
Mostly baby oil and almond oil are suggested in this subject, of course it is possible to apply cosmetic creams developed every day.
Especially if you can increase the flexibility from the very beginning of your pregnancy in order to prevent the formation of cracks due to pregnancy, the damage to be caused can be reduced the most. Of course the deep features are also here, because genetic effects can cause more cracks. Still, you have to give up the oil massage.
Sagging can be prevented by a certain amount of exercise. It may be possible to get rid of regional accumulation of fat by an appropriate exercise program that starts immediately after birth .

In Your Aesthetic Surgery Service
If you can not get the look you want with the listed precautions, you can benefit from aesthetic surgery. But this assistance should never be done immediately after a cesarean section, or breast surgery to be done while giving milk. So you have to wait for the first year to pass. The actions to be made do not affect fertility, breeding and suckling.

Fat Loss: If you are not thinking about giving birth again, you can be found at the entrance for abdominal fat . In fact, although it is not a condition that prevents the next birth, surgery is not recommended in this case because the outcome to be done will be distorted by a new birth. This is especially true for breast implants and breast surgery. Liposuction, which is an aspiration fat removal method, can be applied to abdomen and leg fats, even if a newborn is given again.

Ideal Breasts: One of the most demanded help from a plastic surgeon after your mother is breast aesthetics. In some women the breast can grow very large during breastfeeding and does not return to its former state. Sometimes when the milking is over, the breast becomes empty and becomes a sagging bag. Dr. The operator says that absolutely milking must be done to give shape to the breast in aesthetic sense. This also applies to silicone prosthesis, shrinking and lifting operations.

Vaginal aesthetics: Normal birth is a stretch in vaginosis. Over time, the tissues in this area get old size and flexibility. Women and obstetricians perform vaginal narrowing and hanging. Plastic surgeons can only correct deformities of the external genital organ, which are born or congenital.