Persistent eyebrow makeup is a 100% vegetable made in completely hygienic conditions and can be used for as long as 3 years. It is possible to shape with a permanent makeup in the scars formed after the use of chemotherapy and cortisone, in the form of thin eyebrows giving a tired, tired expression to the face of the person in a diluted, very light color or completely doused eyebrows, scars from birth or later due to accident or surgery.

For example; In blond and white-skinned people, the eyelashes and eyebrows are not very obvious, and the face adds a pale expression. The permanent make-up made for the purpose of removing this situation and clarifying the expressions provides great comfort to the person. Permanent make-up does not occur in dark and bright colors as normal makeup is not done on skin. After applying the pigment into the skin, the pigment remains in the skin in the healing phase of the skin and covers the skin. It is the transparency of the skin that makes it look rich. The pigment and the structure covered with the skin get a lighter color than the color. This makes permanent makeup look more natural. With permanent make-up, you are as well-groomed as you are with makeup, and you have a natural look.

How to make permanent make-up application? Before the
permanent make-up , the region to be treated with the help of a local anesthetic cream with 15-20 min. After anesthesia is given, it is applied with special permanent makeup device. This process is also carried out with the help of sterile disposable needles with pigmentary substances in the lower layers of the skin.