Apply these masks if your skin is dry or oily or if you feel that your wrinkles are increasing. You can have a younger skin with your skin mask formulas you can apply at home, you can prepare your skin for summer ...

Cucumber Mask for a Live Skin : Two sprinkles of prunes are dried, crushed and powdered. The shells are baked for 10 minutes along with peeled half cucumber, a cup of rice flour, and a flour-milled dough. The resulting mixture is slurried. Prepared sliced ​​half a cup of apple juice, a soup spoon, pure olive oil is added to the cream.
This mask; This mask applied face and neckensures the skin looks vivid and healthy . After waiting half an hour, wash with warm water and apply rose water.

To clean the skin
Eggplant mask : Sliced ​​half aubergine is boiled in two glasses of water. The prepared mixture is made into a porridge by adding a garlic clove. This is made into cream by adding cream. This mixture should be repeated every day for two months. Influence: It is effective in purifying the bacteria and giving the face a lively appearance.

Apricot mask to stop hair loss : Three pinch of bay leaf, a pinch of cinnamon, is cooked in apricot juice. One egg and half a cup of milk are mixed into a cream. Influence: to keep the puscula in the face and to give freshness to the skin. When applied to the hair, it stops spilling and allows the hair to become late .

To Prevent Wrinkles
Honey Mask : Civan benthic flakes are boiled in pure water for 10 minutes then squeezed and filtered. A cup of water is cooled. After the resulting pulp is crushed, it is mixed with half a cup of lemon juice, a soup spoonful of olive oil, a sweet spoonful of honey and a whisk of egg. The prepared mixture is added to cold beech water. Oat flour is added until the consistency of the mask is reached. Impact: Prevents the removal of wrinkles and wrinkles in the face. This mask should be applied for one week. One hour is required.

Egg Mask for a Radiant Skin and Hair : Two handful of wheat crushed in two glasses of water. Put two egg yolks and a soup spoon of almond oil. It is spread on the surface and washed and rosewood is dried.
This mask; red stains and nasal spots. It is applied twice a day, morning and evening. This mask can be used as a shampoo and gives the hair a brilliant shine.

To make the skin shine
Pea mask : Two cups of fresh peas are crushed and then mixed with grape molasses. Egg whites and half a cup of sunflower oil are added. Put some flour and mix until the mask comes to the consistency.
This mask; Provides shine on the texture of the skin, should be applied at night. In the morning the skin is cleaned.

Strawberry mask for your skin's drying : A handful of fresh strawberries are crushed and mixed with oat flour. One egg whisk and two soup spoon yogurt are whipped and brought to a creamy consistency.
This mask, which is nourishing for dry skin which is widespread among women, is washed with warm water after remaining on the skin for 20 minutes. The strawberry mask plays an important role in the reduction of wrinkles, especially under the eyes.