In a laser epilation technique that creates a new dimension to get rid of unwanted hair , the laser beam is absorbed directly by the hair root without any damage to the skin and turns into a high heat that destroys the hair root. The laser beam is not interested in x-rays or UV rays, that is, it is not carcinogenic.

This technique, which is much more practical than other epilation methods , minimizes the pain that can be heard. In laser epilation, which is much more painless than needle-based epilation , the session periods range from 2 to 3 months. For this reason, the treatment is quite comfortable.

What is Laser Hair Removal?
Laser epilation is a method of reliably and effectively recovering from unwanted hair with minimum pain and minimal side effects using laser technology.

The laser beam used is a beam of light that is invisible in a single color and a single wavelength running parallel to each other. The main principle of being effective is selective photothermolysis. The laser beam, of which the wavelength and pulse width are adjusted, is absorbed by the melanin pigment and turns into heat energy in the hair follicle. Thanks to this selective absorption, the hair follicle is destroyed without affecting the upper layers of the skin. The main feature that separates the laser from other methods is that the surrounding skin is not damaged and only the hair root is affected. In 1997, the FDA confirmed that laser epilation therapy is a safe, effective and permanent method.

What are the advantages of laser epilation ?
Laser epilation is easily applied to all parts of the body. According to other types of epilation, the procedure takes quite a short time and after epilation, there is no restriction on the illness (no showering, no swimming, etc.). The success of laser epilation depends on personal factors. Those with white-skinned and dark-colored feathers can arrive in a shorter time compared to those with dark and light-colored feathers. Studies also show that epilation is more successful in people over 35 years of age.

In order to shorten the duration of the treatment, the patients should not be able to apply methods such as rope, tweezers, etc. in the wools between the sessions.

Laser epilation does not leave permanent marks on the skin. It is considered natural that there is a slight pinking in the area after the treatment. This color change can take a few minutes to several hours. Other than that, it has no effect on the skin.

It is necessary to interrupt the laser treatment during pregnancy and lactation periods. The only thing that people who are considering laser hair removal treatment should pay attention to is to minimize the bronzing of the area they want during treatment. Because in the process of making bronze tins, the laser dose has to be kept very low. This is a factor that reduces the effectiveness of treatment. There is absolutely no risk of infection in this highly practical, safe, painless procedure. Despite being a new method, up-to-date research shows that laser epilation therapy does not cause any side effects or permanent damage.

How long does this method take?
Treatment consists of a series of laser pulses. Each laser beam affects about 1 centimeter square. This means that about 10 hair follicles are affected. The duration of the sessions varies according to the width of the area to be treated.

It is possible to achieve the desired result with this method, with repeated sessions. The length of the treatment period varies depending on many factors such as the region applied, age of the patient, skin color, hormonal status. The result is shorter in people with a clear skin color and a darker bristle color. Because people with dark skin (more melanin in their skin), the skin resembles hair to absorb the laser beam. For this reason, a lower dose of energy is applied to darker volumes. This prolongs the duration of the treatment. Since the absorption is very high in dark hairs rich in melanin pigment, the result can be obtained in a short time.

Hormanal balances of people are an important factor in the course of treatment. Since people with active hormonal impairment can produce new hair follicles, it can take too long to benefit from this treatment. For this reason, hormonal balance must be achieved first, then laser epilation should be started. Because laser hair removal can destroy existing hair roots. The formation of new hair roots can not be prevented. Age is an important factor in the benefit of treatment. Because the hair of the body ends at about 20 years of age, treatment should be started after this age.

According to the statistical studies done, women get results from this treatment in a shorter time than men.