It is for all of us to have ahealthy, vibrant, smooth and radiant skin . First of all, you can get the shine you need for your skin thanks to the intensive care that is well known to your skin, using the appropriate cosmetic products and made by experts at the required intervals. This is the first condition that must be done regularly at home every day. Then you need to use the cosmetic products you need. Once a month or twice a day in the beauty centers by separating your 2 hours of preliminary and intensive cleaning will be applied after the vitamins ampoules and masks completes the care. Betül Bektaş from Glori Beauty Center tells information about beauty and care .

Under normal circumstances, cosmetic products will start to be used from 25 years old. However, because of stress, air pollution, psychological disorders, sun rays, hormonal foods, special medication usage, skin age has been negatively affected, the starting age of cosmetic products has fallen to the age of 20 with the use of product suitable for skin type.

Skin functions normally decrease by 40 percent between the ages of 35 and 40. The wrinkles that appear with the skin on the skin , the expression lines begin to settle. Cosmetic cure treatments come into play at this point. But; short-term maintenance cures can be applied on the skin that has been suffering from energy loss due to fatigue, stress and UV rays .

People who come to the beauty salon are asked about the source of acne and acne problem related to their skin . Usually, under such conditions, dermatologist supervision is absolutely necessary. In cases where the doctor approves, external skin care is done.

Routine non - problem skin care practices applied in the salons are as follows: Milk - after pre - cleaning with tonic, deep cleaning with peeling products is done. After 15 minutes of steam to open the pores, the skin is cleared of black spots . Then, according to need, ampoules, serums are applied. The mascot is followed by the finishing product.

Newly formed superficial sun spots can be taken care of with the help of cosmetic products. However, deep wounds, burns, acne, acne scars under the supervision of a doctor by the different methods of peeling, or the doctor's prescribed treatment is done.

There are some conditions to be considered such as skin fat ratio, water ratio, pore state, sensitivity. If you want to know your own skin type, use appropriate care and cosmetic products, you can get a certified professional or dermatologist help.
As the external factors (air pollution, cigarette smoke, heat, etc.) are affected during the day, it is an important maintenance to clean the surface.

Today, air pollution, central heating systems, smoking, alcohol, stress, hormone foods, UV rays and so on. such as skin conditions are adversely affected. Since natural masks do not contain any additives, they can be inadequate in some cases. In such cases, cosmetic products may need to be used in addition to natural masks to be performed on certain days of the week.
Various cosmetic products are formulated according to the need of skin. You can find liposome-containing, energy-groomed, oxygen-treated, anti-stress care products. Cosmetic products that can be absorbed by the skin, that do not stay on the surface of the skin, but which can protect the water in the skin are beneficial. Moisturizer applied in the morning hours can be enough cosmetic product if it gives softness to the skin until evening hours and does not give the feeling of tension on the skin.

Masks : Cosmetic products that give a week's normal care effect to the skin in as little as 15 minutes.

Serums : Products that can give intensive care for skin in a shorter time.

Bulbs : cosmetic care products of the skin but slowed down functions.

Moisturizers : Skin is a care product that is dependent on nausea and extra cosmetic ingredients.

Night creams : Skin is the most needed time to care for cosmetics at night. We take care of the skin with cosmetic products that the skin needs.

Cleaning products : It is used in the cleaning of the skin which is made of external factors. Alternatives to skin type can be found: Milk - cream, gel, soap.