Cleansing , moisturizing and nourishing the skin ; key words to protect your skin youth and freshness.

Plant-derived cleansing milks help to clean the sensitive surface of sensitive skin and moisturize the skin. With a few touches that will make you feel very good, you can feel a slippery, soft and fresh feel to your skin. Cleansing milks should be used in the morning before makeup and in the evening during skin cleansing. You should then wipe your skin with a nourishing tonic. There is also a compressive and soothing effect of the tonics that form a protective layer on the skin.

The biggest problem in skin cleansing is the care of dry skin. Cosmetics developed for these types of skin are probably more than those prepared for the needs of other skin, probably to meet the needs of other skin. In fact, dry skin care is easier than normal, or mixed, skin that dries over time and has lost its moisture. Skin is about water and fat loss, using unsuitable skin types, sunbathing and skin care. In addition, external factors such as environmental pollution and stress can also be effective in changing skin characteristics. So even a normal skin can become sensitive or allergic. Here are some things to note:

1 - Do not believe in the words 'dry skin is premature'. The important thing is to be able to perform all functions of the skin in the best way. An unseenly oily skin can also age prematurely.

2-Millions of water retention in the skin cells is a result of adaptation of the skin to the environmental conditions. This is due to hormonal fluctuations in the atmospheric and skin skin's natural moisturizing factor, that is, in the special periods (puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, menopause or diseases) with hereditary upper layer of water and oil.

3-Cleaning, tonic application, moisturizing and feeding is the key word for all skin types. If there is an uncertain situation, such as skin rashes, choose your moisturizer from cosmetics for normal skin. Apply a compressive tonic to remove T zone (nose, forehead, chin) from the oil. But the best is to get an idea from a reliable beauty specialist about the choice of products that fit your situation.

4-If your skin is oily : oily skin can not remove excess alcoholic tonics that further increase oil production. Prefer tighteners, especially those with natural ingredients.