There was no need to wait for the heat to come to tanning, to run into the pools, to the sea. The solarium saves us from waiting for the heat. People react differently to sun rays than skin types. The skin type needs to be well known in order to be friendly with the sun and solarium rays. While 6 different skin types are considered in the world, only the first four are seen in Europe.

Skin Type - 1 (average 2% of Central Europeans): Very clear skin color, red hair, blue eyes, very prone to sunburn.

Skin Type - 2 (average 12% of Central Europeans) : Light skin color, yellow to light brown hair color, grayish green or green eyes, prone to sunburn.

Skin Type - 3 (average 78% of Central Europeans): wheat-colored skin, hair color from dark blonde to brown, eye-to-gray color from gray to brown, moderate prone to sunburn.

Skin Type - 4 (average 8% of Central Europeans): Skin color between light brown and dark brown, hair and eyes dark, no danger of sunburn.

Bronze is a form that protects the body against sun rays, and when light protective measures (pigmentation and light set) of the skin occur with full effect, a light protection is provided at 40 times the power.

Solarium events of the tanning device is held in the same events in the natural tanning, unlike a lot of variables that can be natural sunlight solarium these rays during sunbathing adjusted the way we want to.

Solarium in the spring: It is effective against spring tiredness. Provides skin-specific light protection. The skin is ready for summer.

Solarium in the Autumn: Extend the summer season. It provides a healthy and rested image. They're ready for winter.

Write Solarium: Prepare for a hike. It comforts a vacation at home. Bronze without summer heat.

Solarium in the winter: They prepare the environment for a better morale. It strengthens health. It provides a dynamic-active appearance.