It is the most important rule to bronze logically without escaping altogether, which means at most sunshine per day.

General rule: up to 10 sunbeds in 2-3 weeks. In the ensuing time, 1-2 sunbeds per week are enough to protect the bronze earned. In addition, the following points should be taken with caution:

It is necessary to adjust the sessions properly in accordance with the power and skin color of the device you are going to enter. Authorities 50 sunbeds in the world are considered innocuous.

Before tanning the skin should be completely cleaned of all cosmetics and all jewelry such as watches, necklaces should be removed.

Solarium should not be entered with a cosmetic product containing perfume or perfume.

Solarium , unless specific products produced for, it should use no sun tanning product.

If a medication is used, the doctor should be consulted about sensitization to the light.

During tanning, eyes should be kept closed and protective goggles should always be worn.

Skin care should be done before and after the solarium to ensure that the tan is lasting . Solarium cosmetics are very suitable for this care because these products are prepared according to the special needs of brown skin.