Solarium Benefits : When
the sun shines in the sky, we become more vibrant and cheerful. The positive effects of UV-rays that relieve our bodies and our souls are medically approved.

Other positive aspects of the solarium ...
- It stimulates the immune system, increases the body's capacity.

- Reduce depression.

- Affects the circulation of the heart and blood positively.

- With UV rays, skin diseases such as infected acne, psoriasis and neurodermitis are also treated very successfully.

- Bronze increases the self confidence of the person and makes him feel good. It increases sexual power.

- While UV-B rays in sun baths cause skin to collect and peel water, this is not the case with optimizing rays in solarium sessions. Reducing the risk of getting sick is reduced by a third.

- It is good for rheumatic aches and pains.

- Solarium rays are less risky in the long run because they contain far less radiation than the sun.

- Many sun allergies, the solarium can be prevented by burning in advance.

- It is good for psoriasis by penetrating deep into the lower layer. Used in the treatment of acne and acne scars on the skin.

- Solarium rays strengthen the metabolism and reduce respiratory patterns and the risk of getting a cold by a third.

- It increases the body resistance against virus diseases.

- Provides strong protection against cancer. (Chest, intestine, prostate, etc.)

- It is effective against cramps caused by calcium deficiency.

- While UV-B rays in sun baths cause water to aggregate and peel off the skin , this is not the case with the optimized rays used in the solarium .

- The solarium provides endorphin secretion. It increases sexual power.

- Bronze increases the self-confidence of the person and makes him feel better.

- UV-B rays provide protection against osteoporosis or bone eradication by providing vitamin D production.