Memorial Hospital Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Op. Dr. Altuğ Semiz told questions and answers about what to do for mothers in the autumn months when complaints of flu and cold are increasing.

How Influenza Affects Mothers During Pregnancy ? Physiological changes in heart rate, heart rate, oxygen consumption, lung capacity and immune system
during pregnancy increase the likelihood of complications related to the abdomen. Therisk of postpartum morbidity ofa pregnant mother caught in the last period of pregnancyis high.

Influenza vaccine has positive effects on mother and baby?
The antibodies that develop in the mother after vaccination will also pass to some baby and protect him against the mouth in the first months of life. Since the influenza vaccine does not contain live viruses, there is no problem in using it in pregnancy. Influenza vaccination can also be done safely at the same time as suckling mothers.

When should pregnancies make influenza vaccination ?
The best time for influenza vaccination is October. The vaccine is made by the intramuscular injection. Mothers are recommended to have a flu shot during the second and third months of pregnancy during the influenza season. Although the influenza vaccine is safe during each period of pregnancy, it is more convenient to avoid the use of the drug and do the vaccine at the end of this period unless the first month is very necessary.

What Supportive Treatments Should Be Performed During Influenza Or Cold?
The following supportive treatments should be applied to avoid colds and flu-like symptoms in a lighter and less disturbing way:

Antibiotics should not be used unless there is a secondary bacterial infection in both diseases.

It is important not to get very ill from treatment. Because of this reason, during the epidemic periods, it is possible to avoid staying in the closed places and often to destroy the hands.

The best and most effective supportive care is rest. Bed rest should be done.

Keeping the head up (lying with 2 or more pillows) while lying down will also reduce the nausea of ​​the nasal discharge.

Care should be taken to ensure that the environment is as hot as possible and that it is well ventilated.

Ensure that the building of the air is obstructed and humid.

It is extremely important to drink as much fluid as you can.

During periods of illness, be careful to be nourished, in the absence of appetite for energy needs to be rich in carbohydrate-rich diet should be applied.

For nasal obstruction salty water or ocean water etc. available.

When complaints are resolved, normal activity should not be immediately resumed and further resting should be continued for a full recovery.

Absolutely Needed Documents:

If the fire goes up to 38.5 degrees and does not fall within a few days,

If you have difficulty breathing,

If chest pain arises,

If there is severe ear pain, bleeding from the wrist and bleeding,

If rash and redness occur,

If nuchal stiffness arises,

If you can not recover within a few days and you have serious illness.