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10 Golden Rules By Dr Oz

Başlatan Leila, Nis 05, 2018, 10:18 öö

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With the obesity epidemic in our country reaching huge proportions, it's time to start these 10 easy and basic rules to lose weight and protect. Dr. Mehmet Öz explained these 10 golden rules:

1- Do not Wear Stretch Pants:
Your apparel is an early warning system to gain weight . When your jeans are difficult to enter, you know you need to be on the alert. By wearing stretch clothes you will make it easier to gain weight without knowing it, so you will be unaware of how your body has changed.

2- Do not Keep Your Bad Clothes in Your Wardrobe:
When you keep your clothes in your unhealthy kilo, if you can not lose weight, you will have a backup plan in your head. Instead, go on your way to getting rid of your big body pants.

3- Do not eat the
meat of four-legged animals more than once a week: The meat of four-legged animals contains more saturated fat than the two-legged or fishless feet like a chicken. In addition, women who consume more red meat than once per week have a 50 percent higher risk of dying from a heart attack, and the cancer rate is higher.

4- Give up snacks:
Before you open your refrigerator, pick your meal, pick up what you need and close it. Opening the door of the refrigerator during the day pushes you into more exciting choices and more food.

5 - After 9:30 pm Yemeyin:
When you eat late at night, you will not realize how much you eat. Especially you are more likely to eat in front of television and you are more likely to choose high-calorie snacks.

6- Rearrange Your Portions: The food you put on your table should be more than 2.54 cm or 5.08 cm with the plate. Larger portions are more calories.

7. Break at least 20 times each Lokman: Chewing
allows you to move your body in order to create a sense of satiety at the appropriate time, allowing you to notice that you are eating. If you do not cheat as much as you can, you will pass this process and you will be tasteless until you are really satisfied.

8- Do not gaze at the side of
your neighbor: If you spend your day grazing from the sandwiches or snacks of others, you can easily get 1000 calories.

9- Do not carry the disorder in your pocket:
You can not love anything more than the food vending machine.
If you have a breakdown with you, you can not say stopping at a provocative, calm afternoon.

10- Standing Yemeyin: Sit and
eat, you are aware that you eat. Eat slowly so your body will notify you when you are satisfied before it is too late.