Causes of tiredness
Lifestyle: A few days a week you sleep too late and get up too late. He is eating unhealthy things, doing very little exercise, occasionally going on a picnic, smoking and drinking a lot and working hard. You have to change your lifestyle to throw away your tiredness.

Infection: You are tired from inside, you have low fever and your neck swollen. Gastric inflammation, viral hepatitis or - if you have been exhausted for six months - you have chronic fatigue syndrome. If you are suffering from joint pain, headache, and tics, you may have Lyme disease.

Anemia: You have fatigue and a little shortness of breath, your petals are pale and your heart is irregular. This may be the cause of anemia, especially in menstruating women, where iron content is low or blood loss. Self help methods can help.

Hypothyroidism: You are a middle-aged lady with constant fatigue and you suffer from warming. Your hair is a little dry and your skin is dry. The source of the problem may be the lack of thyroid glandular secretion and this can be treated.

Other causes of tiredness
Anxiety and stress, depression, side effects of medicine, caffeine abstinence, drug abuse, intestinal parasites, heart disease, liver disease, kidney disease, cancer, chronic infection, sickle cell anemia.

What can you do yourself for constant fatigue?
- Arrange your sleep, try to sleep for seven to eight hours every night.
- Start moderate and regular exercise, if you are overworked, reduce your muscle a little.
- If anemia is mentioned, you should eat plenty of uncooked wheat bread, dried fruits, green vegetables with fiber. Iron pills can also help. Ask your doctor if you need treatment.
- Eat healthy and balanced foods and drink plenty of water.
- Learn some of the techniques of relaxation and stress.

Take your sleep, eat balanced food and drink plenty of fluids. Stay away from stimulants, caffeine and alcohol.