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One of the Secret Causes of Obesity: Low Sugar

Başlatan Leila, Nis 05, 2018, 09:39 öö

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I eat less than my friends, I do not get out of the sports center, my life is going through weight loss diets, and if you say you go back two steps and one step forward, you should read this article absolutely.

Our fragile genes, inherited from our ancestors, tend to store for the sake of being used in the excess energy scarcity that human beings have received from outside. With the progress of technology in the last century, human life has become much easier. Despite the average life span, many diseases that were not in the past have faced today's medicine and treatment methods have been developed by identifying these diseases. Nowadays, the most common illnesses that doctors (diabetes, hypertension, blood oil heights, joint problems, menstrual irregularities ...) are the main cause of obesity. The main cause of obesity is a variety of metabolic disorders along with consumed and consumed energy imbalances.

A lot of people who deal with excess pounds come to mind when it comes to weakening, starvation, diversion from favorite foods, and passing through cheesy sports centers. Every time there is a new miraculous diet program, people try to lose weight by giving them a certain amount of time and getting away from their social environment. If you are feeling hungry all the time, if you are feeling hungry all the time, but if you never say sweet, if you have diabetes in your family, you need to be investigated for sugar metabolism disorders as soon as possible.

80% of 220 million Type 2 diabetes patients in the world are inflated. If we think of diabetes as the last point in glucose metabolism disorders, the former is the period of latent diabetes, the one before it is the period of hypoglycemia. In other words, blood sugar is seen in the first steps of the diabetes characterized by the rise of blood sugar. Since the insulin hormone secretion is abnormal, the body that normally keeps blood sugar at 70-110 mg / dl can not make this adjustment and the blood sugar goes down to 70 after a while, especially when foods with high sugar load are raised. One needs to perceive this as over-hunger and eat it again.

These people with low sugar levels may have a tendency to swallow, to have an extreme tendency to chocolate, to not tolerate hunger, to feel constantly hungry, and even to wake up and sleep at night. In later periods, it is inevitable that fatness and diabetes develop as a result of this diet. One of the biggest causes of obesity in the community is the miscarriage of a person who makes a mistake if he or she goes down with a low-calorie diet before he or she is diagnosed with low sugar. Because the main problem is not hunger starvation treatment. In other words, before deciding to weaken, the cause of obesity should be uncovered. Sugar metabolism is impaired, the thyroid gland is running low, or there may be a genetic disorder.

In such cases, it is seen that when there is early diagnosis and treatment is started, there is no pain, no more spontaneously without starvation, and no diabetes in the future.


Blood sugar starts to fall after 3 hours of eating, so do not be hungry for more than 3-4 sats

When you decide to lose weight, this is caused by a metabolic disorder, so consult your doctor

Avoid sugar candy (such as honey, molasses, chocolate, confectionary desserts) from simple sugars that cause blood sugar to rise up quickly and fall off suddenly


You can consume fruits and vegetables such as bananas, figs, grapes, potatoes, carrots, etc., which are overloaded with sugar, with milk or yogurt

Blood sugar drops my feet when you say titredi and never eat sweet, cheese bread is a better choice. In low blood sugar, only sweet foods are diabetic patients using insulin.

Whole wheat bread, bulgur, whole wheat rice and whole wheat pasta are good choices to avoid the rapid rise of blood sugar. White undanated foods should not be preferred (like poultry, pie, pastry)

The best insulin balancer is exercise, but never start to hunger. Exercise after 1.5-2 hours is good. Or, just before exercise, 1 glass of low-fat milk and 1 fruit can be eaten.

You need to avoid prepared fruit juices, sugar-containing lemons and excessive tea and gourd. If you want sugar, you can use fresh fruit.