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Information on Allergy Types

Başlatan Leila, Nis 05, 2018, 09:30 öö

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Here are some types of allergies, types of allergies and precautions to take ...

Asthma ...
Symptoms: Cough, shortness of breath
Action: Dust, air pollution, pets, smells, pollen
What to do: Inhalation preparations can be used to facilitate steroid based breathing. Avoid some foods that contain aspirin and monosodium glutamate.

Straw Fever ...
Symptoms: Itching in the eyes, a running nose and a sneeze
Movement: Various trees, grass and plant pollen
What to do: Nasal spray, eye drops and various antihistamines sold without prescription. Close the windows, put on sunglasses, shower every day and change your clothes. The most pollen is when you are in the morning and evening.

Urticaria Allergy ...
Symptoms: Severe itchy sores that
occuranywhere in the body . Actioners : Food, alcohol (cheese, red wine), pets, aspirin, various antibiotics, sun rays
What to do: Antihistamines resolve the condition,


Mite Allergy ...
Symptoms: Nasalmage, misty eyes, body wounds and asthma What makes it happen:
dust bugs, mites in our home
What to do: Use dust-free bedding, clean the bed regularly with vacuum cleaner, nightwear and pajamas on over 56 degrees. The rooms are often ventilated and dusted with a wet cloth.

Anaphylaxis Allergy ...
Symptoms: itching, shortness of breath, stomach cramps, fainting
undergoing Movement: Food allergies are especially various nuts and seafood, insect bites, penicillin and LaTeX
What to do: If you have such an illness, adrenaline injection kit or emergency use or nearest hospital Go.

Different types of allergies ...
Condom allergies: An allergic reaction to latex is a variety. Using a non-latex condom.
Body fat allergy: choosing the non-perfumed, vegetable oil concentrates may provide a solution.
Milk allergy: It is an allergic to cow sow. It can cause bloating, headache, stomach cramps, goat cow milk, goat or soy milk.