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Title: 13 Tips To A Healthy Diet
Post by: Leila on Apr 05, 2018, 10:14 am
Improving healthy eating habits is not as complicated as most people think. The first principle is to eat less than all food.

A balanced nutritional plan can be made without missing a dose without making food discrimination. Vegetables, fruits, meat and dairy groups, cereals, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, minerals, fat are required.

1- Vegetables, fruits, beans, cereals, such as plenty of fiber to consume. It contains carbohydrates and low calories. It affects insulin and blood sugar, it is healthy. They contain vitamins and minerals.

2- Yellow, green and orange vegetable-fruit consumption. For example, broccoli, carrots, melons. It protects against cancer and other diseases.

3. Limit sugar, white bread, and salt.

4- Stay away from animal fats. It affects cholesterol badly.

5 - Cut off the trans fats, head for the juicy vegetables.

6- Eat more fish and nuts. The oil they contain is healthy, not margarine.

7- Keep the portions of high-calorie foods low. Always choose small plates and eat little at a time.

8 - 300 mg daily for your cholesterol. Keep it under. Cholesterol is found in animal fats, eggs and dairy products.

9- Always eat various foods instead of the same things.

10 - Increase the amount of calcium for bone and teeth. Eat milk and yogurt.

11- Take vitamins and minerals from foods.

12- Keep calories balanced with calories taken. Apply a balanced diet.

13- Reduce alcohol, red wine can be consumed.