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Başlık: Reduce salt to eat healthy ..
Gönderen: Leila - Nis 05, 2018, 09:39 öö
Salt consumption, a behavior that should pay extreme attention to healthy life !
Salt is needed to keep water in our bodies and to work muscles and nerves. Salt can be obtained purely from lake, sea and rocks as well as from the combination of nutrients. Salt is used to process and maintain nutrients and enhance the taste of food. The daily salt requirement of a person ranges from 7 to 8 grams. In extreme temperatures and in excess of body movement, sweating and feverish diseases, stools and excess water and salt are lost in diarrhea. For this reason, those who live in comfortable surroundings need salt less,those whowork hard, those who can not be protected from extreme temperatures, and those who frequently have diarrhea.

Minimal amounts of salt are found in natural foods. The nutrients rich in salt are green leafy vegetables, milk, meat and eggs. Besides, there is more salt in the processed foods (pickled foods such as olives, cheese, pickles, biscuits, cakes, canned foods, coffee and bread).

The salt has no obvious effect on blood sugar. For this reason, weight gain is not the cause. Salt restriction for weight loss can be harmful as it can cause salt deficiency in the body. Particularly those exercising should pay attention to salt intake to protect the body's salt-water balance.