If you say you can not lose weight after birth, you should read this article! .. You
can overcome these problems in a very short time. Do not put yourself in a solid voice immediately with the discomfort that you have heard from your body. Do not forget that you are a nutritional source for your baby with a pacified mother. A systematic calorie-calcium diet will be right for you.

It's been 2-3 months since you were born but you are still wearing your pregnancy pants. If you get up to 11.5 pounds in pregnancy, you can easily give it. If you have a higher weight rate, the diet program will weaken you slowly but effectively. A reason for the swelling that occurs in your stomach is still wide. The uterus will return to its original state after 6 weeks. So your abdominal bloating will go away {Learn how to follow your womb condition from your doctor}. The fluids in your body also cause your uterus to become bulging. This leads to 2.5 or more weight loss in the next 2 days after birth.

After you have given birth, you need to perform active exercises so that you can return to your body measurements before pregnancy. However, if you want to start these exercises immediately after birth, you will be more correct in terms of your health if you do not run away and do non-heavy exercises. Try to do these exercises frequently and shortly. If the birth you did is a birth outside of normal birth or a problem birth, you should consult your doctor before starting the exercises.

To get rid of excess pills after childbirth :
• Choose from the lightest of warm-up movements.
• Keep your studies briefly.

Workwith professional people ifyou have the time.
• Try to do your moves slowly.
• Avoid doing more than you need to.
• Do not think that being a baby owner will prevent you from doing them, you can do it with him.