What is vaginismus ?
Vaginismus is an important health problemaffecting sexual life. Vaginismus is briefly the occurrence of involuntary contractions during sexual intercourse. Women tightly close their legs by avoiding being in contact because of fear, anxiety and panic. Women with this discomfort do not look at sexual intercourse and can not enter the relationship.

This disturbance may occur later. A woman may have this fear in other periods of her life, even though she has sexual intercourse. This problem, which is common in the world, also takes place in our country. The cause of vaginismus is largely psychological. Patients with vaginismus have a subconscious fear of sexual intercourse.

What are the causes of vaginismusun?
Incorrect information about sexuality in girls during adolescence. Those who lived in the past and were afraid to live: harassment and rape. Pregnancy and fear of childbirth. The first experience is the experience and the relationship is painful. The idea that your sexuality is weary for women. Fears about tearful tearing, bleeding and soreness. Infectious diseases.

The fact that women with vaginismus problems are not able to recognize their partners during sexual intercourse and have emotional distance are also triggers. Sexuality and expectations in this regard should be discussed with Partner. It must be known that these fears are not only a problem that is linked to the lady and should be treated among the spouses.

If the spouses can not solve this problem, an expert should be consulted. It is also healthy that your baby is patient and does not put pressure on this sexuality. The most basic structure for solving this problem is family. Children should be informed by the parent instead of misinformation. Sexual education should be given to schools