Why Does Varus ? Genetic factors play a very important role in the
formation of varicocele . From this point of view, it is beneficial for those who have family history narratives to apply to a specialist before heirs. The only causative factor in varicose veins is not familial causes.

Professor Dr. Suffering lists the reasons for the heir as follows:
* Pregnancy
* Obesity
* Work done on the floor
* Sitting on the
sandal * Low fiber diet and constipation
* Tight lingerie
* Inactivity
* Smoking
* Birth control pills

How is the varicose diagnosis done?
As the varicose veins progress, he is in severe pain. There is a burning and tingling sensation in the legs. In this respect, it is necessary to go to the doctor without the successor. The diagnosis is easily made by the vascular surgeon's examination. However, more detailed information about the function of the leg veins can be obtained by means of a device made of sound waves with duplex names. Professor Dr. Tüzün said, "If there are backfeeds in the valves in the main superficial venules, the connection of these vessels to the main system should be terminated for effective and permanent treatment."

Varicose treatment methods
There are three different treatment options for varicose veins.

· Surgical method
It is usually performed under general anesthesia and requires one day of hospitalization. Elastic bandages are wrapped around until the 7th day when the patient's seams will be taken. After the sutures are taken, the patient wears a sock sore for a month.

Treatment of sclerotherapy is based on the use of very fine special needles to deliver a sclerosing agent to the diseased varicose vein, which destroys the vein wall.

· Laser Method
Laser or radiofrequency waves disrupt the inner superficial vessels of the superficial superficial veins, making these veins a fibrotic band. Superior characteristics of being done with local anesthesia and united treatment on the day. There are no bruises or blood collection seen in the leg surgery. In this method, which is as successful as the midterm results of the midterm results , studies about the non- recurrence of varicose veins are making a good impression. Laser treatment gives the same results as surgical operation in the mid-vault. However, the laser method can not be used in all varicose varieties .