The body stores 2-4 kg of additional oil for the preparation of breastfeeding during pregnancy . During your breastfeeding period, your taste and energy needs increase considerably. You need additional nutrients to produce 750ml milk per day, especially in the 4 - 6 month period
This means you consume about 450 - 550 calories more nutrients.

If you do not eat enough, it will cause both your milk production to decrease, the quality of your smokes to break down, and you to feel sluggish and tired. The amount of milk produced is related to how often you are breastfeeding your baby. The more you breastfeed your baby, the more it will grow in your milk production. If the baby is growing well and achieving the ideal weight and sleeping for 2-4 hours after each breastfeeding, if you are changing urine 6 times a day, your milk production is sufficient. And should be supplemented with breast milk solids from the 6th month of life.

The contents of the mother's blessing are related to yours. During your breastfeeding period, your calcium requirement increases by 80% and reaches 700mg / day to 1250mg / day. In the first 6 months, 210mg of calcium is consumed per day. If you do not take calcium, you will need calcium to maintain the calcium ratio in your baby's milk. the future affects the health of your bones adversely.

Especially vegetarians should pay attention to the foods that contain B12 vitamins when they feed their mothers . Soy milk, eggs, cheese liver and fish are rich sources of vitamin B12.

Although it seems rare, cow milk, wheat, eggs, chocolate may cause breast allergy.

Getting plenty of milk during the breastfeeding period will increase your milk production. You should drink 2 liters of water every day and also include freshly squeezed fruit juices and herbal teas. It is known that the tea of ​​hedgehog increases milk production and prevents ironing because it is rich in iron. da C is rich in terms of vitamini.

500 calories per day should be added as it is during the pregnancy period during breastfeeding . When organizing your daily diet, you should include all food groups. Drinking a glass of water (250 ml) at each breastfeeding session will facilitate your milk production.

You are given approximately half a kilo every month for the first 4 months in the breastfeeding period. However, it is not correct to lose more than 2 kilos per month in the mothers sucking weight loss.

In this respect, we must apply healthy, balanced and regular nutrition techniques (it is also wrong to consume always compote, compost, juice, fruit juices and sweet foods in order to milk as in the old times).

You should not smoke during pregnancy and lactation . Because nicotine leads to a decrease in the volume and causes respiratory problems due to passive smoking in infants.

During breastfeeding and pregnancy , you should not drink alcoholic beverages. Alkol goes to the top, which affects your baby negatively.

Take care not to use caffeine-containing beverages such as tea, coffee and cola during breastfeeding and pregnancy at least 1 cup a day.

Do not use medication without consulting your doctor during breastfeeding and pregnancy .
Do not forget your beloved mothers and mothers that your peaceful, balanced diet and good rest will increase your milk production.