In some cases, women are even embarrassed to consult their gynecologists. One of these issues is sexual relations during menstruation. In fact, it is the most logical thing to discuss this with your partner. If you meet sexy naturally during menstruation, it is most logical to talk to your partner after this.

However, sex during menstruation may not always be fun for you. Sometimes sex during menstruation can lead to excessive painful cramps. However, in some people in the menstrual period has a reducing effect of sex pain. Because of the blood flow that sex provides, it has an effect that relieves headaches and even reduces cramps. Through endorphins secreted during sex, the person may feel happier and better.

It is also possible to become pregnant during the menstrual period . For this reason you should definitely not have unprotected sex by thinking that you will not get pregnant during menstruation. The sperm can live up to 7 days in the vagina and they can fertilize the egg during the laying process. If you do not have a desire to get pregnant, do not resort to unprotected sex even during this period.

Sexuality in the period of menstruation is not much different from normal sexsten. Of course, in this period, sex requires more attention and cleanliness. On many men's side, sex is quite natural in this period. However, some men may not look too hot in this period due to the physical changes that occur in women. If sex is not a problem for you during menstruation, do not hesitate to talk to your partner about it.