Vagina itch is a stressful problem for many women. Often used to relieve thrombophilia, irritant creams are used. Despite thrushes, fungal infection called candida is definitely the most common cause of this problem. There may be many reasons for the intense scratching in the vulva area. There are different indications such as stress, anxiety and depression. Various skin problems can be the cause of itching, the most important of which is lichen sclerosis. This can occur at any age, including children.

However, it is more common in women with menopausal history. There is inflammation in lichen sclerosis and can be seen as deep redness, thickened scars and white areas. Intense itching can be seen during urination or during sexual intercourse, and women are affected by pain, itching and small cracks at the bottom. Lichen sclerosis is usually treated by administering strong steroids to the affected area.

This may need to be continued for up to 3 months. Other skin problems can also cause itching due to dermatitis allergies or contact with irritants in this area. Of particular importance are perfumed soaps and vaginal deodorants. Vaginal canker is seen before or immediately after the relationship, and vaginal infections cause itching. Vaginal discharge is a sign of infection.

The itch in children depends on the worms, which are seen as small white threadlike objects around the anus. Bacterial vaginal infections can be passed on to babies, toys, and foreign bodies. It could be a current. A small but significant increase in the risk of cancer was recorded when lichen sclerosis was present in the vulva area. Doctor control is important in this regard.