What is a varicose vein?
Varicose veins are a health problemcaused by enlargement caused by various causes. Although varicose veins are not a fatal disease, they are a permanent and painful disease. However, if treatment is not performed for a long time, it may cause infection and cause death.

In regions with varicose veins, blood circulation usually does not progress from the veins, and the procedure is reversible. This disturbs the blood circulation, causing the amount of blood in certain areas to be high.

How Is Varicose Vein Disappearing?
There are many ways to detect varicella. The most obvious of these is redness in the green or red colors in the areas where veins are present. This type of redness indicates varicose veins. Another method is to find out whether varicose veins are present by ultrasonography.

What are the symptoms of varicose veins?
Within the specifics of varicose veins, there are wrinkles in some parts of the skin, deep inward depression, swelling in some areas, swelling, aches, itches and cramps because of the visibility of veins in feet and hands in general and blood circulation failure.

What are the causes of varicose veins?
The causes of varicose veins are caused by genetic pathways, obesity, or vascular disease.

How is the treatment of varicose vein?
The treatment of varicose veins is very diverse. For the treatment, the degree of the varicella and the region of the disease must first be known. According to this known knowledge, various treatment methods can be applied. Some of the treatment methods are drug therapy, diuretic therapy, antibiotic therapy and laser therapy. Drug therapy and diuretic treatment are generally referred to patients who have not progressed varicose veins. Antibiotic therapy and laser therapy are used in varicose patients with high grade. Among the treatment methods, the fastest result is laser treatment. The most costly treatment is laser treatment.

Use of
Varicose Surgery The greatest benefit of varicose veins is to help the blood flow rate in your legs and to prevent swelling in your legs.

The issues to be considered in this regard are;
Use the varicose gauge for the period of time that your doctor has recommended to you, not yours.
Be careful to wear the varicose jug before going out in the morning. If you need to take a socks during the day, hold your legs slightly higher for a while before putting on again. You can leave afterwards. You do not need to use varicose vein at night.

Other Important Points You
should take care when using, wearing and removing the varicose vein for a long time.
Be careful not to crease your sock, because squeezing your socks in places where there is wrinkles may be an obstacle to blood circulation.
You should wash at least once a week.
Never use hot water, washing machine or detergent when washing.
Turn the bowl over and wash it with a white mold soap and shake in warm water, do not rub it.