A woman's beauty begins at the beginning, in the hair. Everyone is eager to be in the right place for women with quality, fuller and shiny hair, and these women are always on the lookout. When a woman notices that her hair is torn, she often panic and suffer. Most people see the spill as a male problem, but this problem also occurs in women. Significant hair loss usually accelerates during menopause. Male type shedding is only in the form of baldness that will remain open at the top, but it is different in women.

In the female, the central thinning is the same in all the visible hair. Hair loss is a serious disease; stress and chemotherapy are the leading causes. Radiation therapy and medications, birth control medications, genetic factors and hormone changes during menopause have an important role in hair loss. The testosterone hormone converts the hair follicles into a chemical substance through an enzyme. This substance causes hair follicles to be thrown out, which leads to hair loss. A woman's menopause, estrogen and testosterone changes provide this.

The rapid decline in estrogen accelerates hair loss. The first time you notice it, you should go to a doctor. It may be due to your vital process or your genetic history. You can go through some tests to look for reasons. Blood and hormone tests are usually normal, and these tests help to rule out diseases that can cause hair thinning. Minoxidil, an approved solution for hair loss in women, is a good choice. It encourages hair growth that is sold without prescription. The head is applied twice a day to the skin. Hormone therapy is another solution.