Menstruation starts one or two days before the menstrual period, while some women live mildly, some suffer severe and painful experiences.

It is divided into primary and secondary winding. For under 20 years of age, and for those who do not give birth in general, there are secondary causes for women who give birth. Secondary blindness is experienced in women with fiber tumors, ovarian cysts, or women using birth control medications.

When these gonads are hormonal, refusing to lay eggs, gonads multiply. Although the birth control pills are used on a doctor's recommendation to cut or shrink pills, these pills increase bleeding.

Some genital painkillers (such as Exen, Buscopan) will quickly relieve pain. But daily necessity should not exceed.
In addition, regular physical activity, such as walking, slow-moving sports, aerobics, cycling, helps reduce cramps. A diet rich in zinc-calcium also helps to relieve aches and pains. Women are most likely to eat during this period.

Dietitians should be careful during this period.
Use aromatherapy plants and soap in a hot bath session. This will be good for you. Take care not to chill, to wear tight. The heated pad is another alternate.