How should vaginal cleaning be done?
First of all, our vagina should remain dry. To remain moist is to invite bacteria. So experts say cotton underwear should be worn. I know lace, satin or synthetic lingerie looks very nice, but what is important is our health. At least you can choose cotton-woven ones.

Ladies absolutely but certainly not postpone your urge to make urine after the intercourse and normal times. For the bullet, the bacteria will have more time to infect.

If you are using bumpers during the menstrual period, you should change them frequently and avoid getting in contact with your partner without being fully prepared to prevent mechanical irritation.

Another thing that should not be forgotten in vaginal cleansing is that the razor blades and nets facilitate infection in the hair follicles and increase infection. We recommend replacing it with an epilation appliance or using a laser that is the definitive solution.

When using public public toilets, let's not forget to use closet cover covers. Another serious problem in the toilets is; the dirty water in the toilet is leaking to the genital area. To prevent this, you can cover the dirty water with toilet paper. If this is not possible, you can use "blue water dispenser tablets" containing disinfectant.