Most of the popular diets can provide us with nutrition plans recommended by our nutritionists to practice, but we do not lose weight when we do it, but this weight loss is usually short-lived. After leaving the diet, if we have not made healthy eating a lifestyle, we will get back to it and it will be inevitable that we have to get our pounds back too much. I look for new diet methods again and this is how it goes. This is why it is important to keep the weight of the next diet from the diet.

Changing our eating habits may be possible by going to a psychologist and getting to the root of the problem by learning what we ate and why we ate our cues with our feelings.

As an example, the chocolates we ate a half of the night; We can not stop ourselves if we are determined to lose weight. We know we can not eat. But it is more important to find the underlying causes of these crises. Because we can beat these sweet crises once but we have to get through ten times. it is possible that we will not be able to return again. So going to a psychologist besides nutrition experts is more useful to solve problems.

The important thing here is to find out the sensation that causes the wrong eating or excessive eating on the emotions. Because unhappy, guilty, troubled, angry, etc. we usually find ourselves in front of the fridge. The guilty feeling that comes after this causes me to enter the strasse while dieting. Stress also pushes people into relaxing meals. These are also sweet and pasta style foods.

If we can not find out the cause of our stress and get rid of it and go to other activities that are unhappy and try to suppress this feeling with food, we can really get rid of poultry permanently if we can get this feeling by joining new circles only. Because a diet that starts with this kind of therapy means a new way of life, but if we are determined and patient, we can get a brand new and healthy life.