Ongoing researches on women brought together various health information about women and created an age map.

30-year-old passion
Skin : Skin cells lose their breeding speed. The skin starts to get dull. The lines gradually show themselves. The skin peeling application contributes to new cell production. Start using the sunscreen.

Heart Liver: Veins and lungs begin to lose elasticity. You have to reduce or quit smoking and start the spore.

Bone, muscle and joints: Muscle and bone loss begin at this age. Ask your doctor how much calcium and vitamin D you should have. Exercise loss to be done three times a week is good.

Body shape: At this age, metabolism slows by 2%. Be careful not to lose weight. It's time to start avoiding fatty foods.

Breast health: One in every nine women gets breast cancer. Be conscious of doing self-examinations every month and starting to take mammograms after 35 years of age. In order to prevent diseases such as heart, stroke and cancer in this age in the following years;
Do not smoke, choose foods that are balanced and low in fat, stay away from the strut, do sports, keep your blood pressure and cholesterol under control, for a moderate drink.

40s years fatigue period
Skin: As menopause approaches, the protective color and cells decrease, which also reduces skin cancer risk. Show your suspicions to your doctor. Also pay attention to eye, eyebrow, neck, jaw sagging.

Heart Liver: Cholesterol elevation is seen with menopause. Stay away from diet, lean foods, sports and smoking. Keep your cholesterol below 200. Take HDL 35, which is known as good cholesterol, and LDL, which is bad cholesterol, to be below 135.

Teeth: After the age of 35, have an annual tooth check-up.

Sensations: Decrease in the sense of smell in 40 years of age. It also causes difficulties in reading due to loss of focus in the eyes and decrease in lens elasticity.

Body shape: When menopause approaches, the paws come out from the hips to the stomach, chest and shoulders. You can still control this problem with balanced nutrition and sports.

Bones, muscles, joints: Estrogen levels fall when the menopause approaches. This decrease increases bone speed. You should take calcium in this period and talk with your doctor about estrogen.

50s menopause
50s ages bring menopause to mind. Changes in menstrual cycle, hot flashes, sweating , vaginal elasticity in case of loss of menopausal means. Immediately to the doctor.

Heart, lung: Age of meeting high blood pressure . Definitely do sports, smoking is prohibited, do not lose weight, repent to alcohol.

Skin: The skin is dry and flaky at these ages. Because oil glands work less. Doctors recommend that you avoid vaginal cream based creams containing urea and lactic acid, while moistening the skin at these ages.

Eyebrows, joints, bones: You have a special interest in bones, muscles and joints, and you need to pay attention to warm-up movements before spawning.

Body shape: The rate of fatigue is exceeding as the metabolism continues to slow down. Muscle makers, calorie burners and sports to accelerate metabolism and low calorie eating habits should be acquired.

60's last turn You
have done until today, if you call healthy life after this time, take a look at the following:

Osteoporosis: According to experts, a woman loses up to 42% of its mineral throughout her life, increasing the risk of osteoporosis and bone fracture. In order to reduce risk factors, light weight studies, walking, etc. you need to take calcium as well as activities.

High Blood Pressure: High blood pressure over time can lead to serious problems such as heart attack, kidney failure and stroke. Follow your doctor's recommendations for high blood pressure.

Lungs: Lung cancer is seen as an important source of risk in women as much as breast cancer. As soon as the lung cancer and amphetamine have a direct connection with cigarette, leave the cigarette as soon as possible.

Eye health: Visual disturbances are normal for this age group, and there is a special risk of cataracts and high blood pressure. There is a treatment for both eye problems. Make that eye check every year