What is breast cancer?
It is a common occurrence to notice a stiffness in the female genitalia or to develop pain throughout life. Hardness, masses and changes are not all cancer. Even cancer, breast cancer is the most easily treated and early diagnosed type of cancer.

Breast milk glands and the milk that is produced here consists of the channels carrying per breast. Breast cancer cells are the cells in which the mammary glands and ducts are laid, as described above, as control females multiply and begin to multiply in various parts of the body .

What are the risk factors for breast cancer?
In women with certain characteristics, we know that breast cancer is seen more often. Not everyone who carries these factors will have breast cancer. But we know that the chances of getting breast cancer are higher. For this reason, people who do not carry the risk factor should have their usual controls.

Among the factors that increase the risk of breast cancer, advanced age is the most important factor. Women over age 50 are four times more likely to have breast cancer than women under age fifty. Women who have family members with family history of breast cancer are 2-5 times more likely than women to have breast cancer. These women should be monitored more frequently and more carefully. Breast cancer should be consulted at clinics where genetic counseling is performed to determine their risk.

Previously, a biopsy was made in the breast and a benign tumor could have been detected. The presence of some non-cancerous benign tumors may increase the risk of cancer development at different rates. The rate of breast cancer development in benign tumors is higher than in normal women.

Women with high socioeconomic levels have a higher incidence of breast cancer. Good nutrition develops earlier and results in premature menstruation. They are married later with education and business reasons, and later have children. It has been suggested that birth control pills provide a slight increase in risk despite different opinions.

The risk for women taking alcohol is relatively high. Fatness and fat diet increase the risk of developing breast cancer. The risk of breast cancer is decreasing in women who are in intensive exercise and gymnastics. It is advisable to avoid vegetable and fruit rich nutrition and heavy food.