Causes of Sexual Problems in Women
Vaginal Foundation: Vaginal Foundation can make relationship painful. This can also be caused by inadequate stimulation, menstrual bleeding, or menopausal estrogen deficiency. You may also notice that your vagina is dry when you use a hygiene cold medication.

Sexual reluctance: If you do not feel sexual desire, sex can even drive you. It is useful to know that not all women have sexual desire for a while, and this is entirely normal. If this is long and leads to difficulties in relationships, it should be considered a problem. Sexual reluctance in women can lead to many medical problems, but the most common causes are fury, related problems, depression (see section on depression), stress, alcohol and fatigue.

Orgasm impairment: You can not have an orgasm during sexual intercourse. Some women may experience pleasurable sexual experiences in the absence of a partner and never having an orgasm. Some of them become orgasm occasionally or as a result of a certain stimulation method. Others are orgasms in every relationship. This can lead to physical or psychological causes, or both. It is one of the physical causes that are often painful during a relationship, depression, anger or other emotions may affect the ability to enjoy. The lack of knowledge about the anatomy and psychology of sexual response can also be a cause. Some new depression medications, such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, can be a side effect of orgasmic difficulty. Self-help may be helpful, but treatment is an option.

Painful sexual intercourse: You feel strain and even pain during the union. Painful or difficult sexual intercourse can be an irritant infection (vomiting), fungal infection, pelvic inflammation, ovulation, endometriosis and many medical reasons in the vagina.

Vajinismus: In trying to make a relationship, muscle spasms occur in the vagina and the relationship becomes impossible. Vaginismus is contractions that are not connected to the outside of the vagina. Both the woman and the partner should understand that this is not something planned or intentional. This can be due to physical, psychological reasons or both, but requires a doctor's examination.

Other Causes
Side effects of drugs

What can you do?
With self-medication you can get a majority of your sexual problems. If these methods are not effective within 6 months, youshould consulta health professional, doctor or advisor.
- You can remove the vagina foundation with over-the-counter water-soluble emulsions (some are cut in latex condoms and inactivate condoms, consult your pharmacist).
- Many of the sexual problems are caused by the uneasiness of one of the spouses. You and your partner may want to be together using stimulant exercises without going through the relationship. This type of contact can be relaxed and can help increase interest and alertness.
- Some sexual problems are caused by ignorance. You can increase your knowledge with the help of many books and videos about female sexuality. By warning yourself, you can discover pleasurable ways on your side.
- The effect of sexual harassment and rape continues for a long time. If you have experienced such a case, be sure to seek professional help in overcoming the incident as much as possible.

- Do not use illicit drugs or excessive alcohol. These substances may have negative effects on sexual interest and reaction.
- Solve your problems. Talk to your partner often openly and honestly.