Premenstrual syndrome
Most of the ladies encounter problems such as weakness, fatigue, sensuality, nerves, chest sores, abdominal bloating, constipation, pimples a few days before menstruation . All of these reasons are quite normal, but even in a matter of days, women change their structures too much.

There are some changes that occur routinely every month in women who are born. These;

Body weight increases with the increase of fluid accumulation but it returns to normal after the period of regl.
During this period, the amount of magnesium in the body decreases and the desire for sweet foods increases.
Agitation and tension increase.
Iron deficiency arises when the menstrual bleeding is excessive.

Situations to be Considered During the Regular Period
Regular periods of eating properly and balanced, avoiding stresten, drinking alcohol, cigarettes, coffee and tea, avoiding salt usage will minimize these problems.

In order to pass the regl period smoothly , foods and fiber foods with plenty of B6 vitamins should be preferred.
Due to its positive role on the nervous system, group B vitamins should be consumed at a sufficient level.
Be careful not to feed with overly sweet and carbohydrate foods.
It must be fed with iron-rich foods.
It is important to consume foods containing magnesium.
If you can not urinate before the menstrual period, you should avoid salty foods. You can use spices and vegetables to sweeten your meals.
Pre-season pie, chocolate, honey, jam, such as sweet and carbohydrates
It should be avoided. Complex carbohydrate foods such as bread, pasta, potatoes should be preferred to suppress these feelings.
During the menstrual period meat, fish, liver, nuts, almonds, eggs, milk, kurubaklagiller, vegetables and dried fruits should be consumed and beverages should be avoided and also thyme, sage and chamomile tea will provide relaxation.