You know yourself, you are trying to lose weight , but when you go over the weigh, your face does not laugh! So you're doing it somewhere wrong.

Here are some tips to help you lose weight : Do
not mix fat and carbohydrates with each other: keep the oils and carbohydrates separate. You get the energy you need from your carbs. If you consume fat after taking energy, since you already have the energy you need, your body stores fat, which causes you to lose weight.

Eat almonds: Nutritionists say it is helpful to consume almonds and walnuts in small quantities. When your child wants to eat something snack, you can consume almonds, walnuts, or nuts without going too far. These nuts contain calories, so be sure to be careful. The good oils found in almonds activate the fat burning genes andhelp to lose weight .

Do not be hungry: If you get the same amount of calories every day, you will feel better and avoid more food. If you eat a lot and go hungry the next day, you will not feel saturated. For this reason, take care to eat at the same time every day.

Choose weak friends: Maybe it will be a bit ruthless, but you have to make weak friends to be weak. Studies show that obesity is contagious and people with obese people in or around their family are slowly approaching obesity. For this reason, if you want to be weak , you should alsodirectpeople in your community to diet .

Do not bleach your product: Package designs are made to make the product attractive. For this reason, do not let the writers on the product packages get you out of the way. Calls like 'low salt' or 'low calorie' can deceive you. You should look over the contents to see if these foods are right for you and then get them.

Perform protein loading: It is known that protein helps to burn fat. Protein also helps you to build muscle while keeping you satisfied. A low-carbohydrate diet helps keep fats in storage and use them for energy.

Modify your exercises: When you feel unhappy and irritable yourself, the stress hormone moves and your blood sugar level falls. In this case, it's normal for you to have something sweet to eat. If you are faced with such a situation, you can control your blood sugar level by doing sports. You can change your shape of your sport and instead of doing very heavy exercises you can choose lighter exercises like yoga.

Change your thoughts: you are not satisfied with your body, but it also affects your psychology. If you feel good about your body, you tend less to bad habits. For this reason, instead of attacking chocolate when you are in trouble, you can bounce back where you are, or relax by stretching your legs up one leg and lifting your legs up. "I feel great!" it will be good for you too. If you drop your shoulders, depressed 'Very bad!' If you wander around, you are always prepared to attack the harmful food, which leads to your weight gain.

Do not forget your jokes: you may not notice what you eat during the day. For this reason, write down what you eat and how much calories they contain. Seeing your journals on paper gives you a better understanding of how unnecessary calories you get.

Try the weight: One of the biggest fears of women is doing weight exercises. Because they think the weights will make them muscular like Arnold Schwarzenegger. However, this is a very wrong idea. There is a big difference between male and female body. Compared to men, women have 30 times less muscle-building hormone. Weight training only activates your metabolism and allows you to lose weight more easily.

Give the first order: If you are going to eat outside with your friends, be the first to order in the restaurant. If you expect others to order it, they will mix their choice and you may want to try the harmful foods they choose.

Give up on diet drinks: Although diet drinks are not a draw for short wines , on long-term diets these drinks cause weight gain. Because the sweeteners contained in these beverages signal that the brain needs to consume more calories and this causes more yemen.

For at least 8 glasses of water: Drinking eight glasses of water a day does not just keep you satisfied. Your lungs do not work well without water; which prevents the burning of fat. For this reason, whatever happens, you should take care to drink plenty of water.

Five meals, five meals: Five meals a day, five meals are required. These foods should contain carbohydrates and proteins and have low glycemic indexes. It is also important that your stomachs are made of sugar, and of beneficial oils and fibers. You should use five ingredients in your meals. Five days a week, five minutes a minute, warming movements and another rule of doing exercises. This diet is important to be able to burn 300 calories a day, which is important.

Sleep regimen: Insomnia directly affects metabolism. When you are asleep, your appetite will open and the feeling of saturation will be at least on level. According to research done, if you sleep less than six hours, you are likely to be obese by 27 percent.

Less calories: You should reduce the amount of calories you get. You should drink water instead of calorie drinks, you should eat dried fruit when you want sweet. If you want a delicious dinner, instead of fries; you can eat grilled meat, chicken, fish and plenty of boiled vegetables.

The power of coconut : Coconut or omega-3 oils areamong the first to helpyou in your diet program andhelpyou lose weight , especially coconut oil, which helps calorie your metabolism by activating metabolism.