Causes of Obesity
Genetic Factors: Research has shown that excessive fat storage in the body is related to the largely genetic structure of the person. There is no connection, for example, although these children teach these children how to feed these families between adoptive child's body weights and their adoptive parents' body weights. However, there is an 80% similarity to the body weights of the genetic parents they have never seen.

It also shows a much greater similarity to the weights of individual egg twins carrying the same gene than those of the individual twins carrying different genes with their body weights.
We have genes that determine body weight as well as genes that determine our eye color, our size, metabolism, and so on.

Environmental Factors: In fact, genetic factors and environmental factors are closely related. If there is a tendency to obesity due to the genetic nature of a person, it is very difficult to control weight with the lifestyle of today's non-healthy fast food eating habits and mobility.

Factors related to metabolism: Generally not gain weight because we spend düşünülü to be associated with the received and calories burned more calories we take , we gain weight , we get if we spend more calories we lose weight . But now it is known that the equation is not that simple. Obesity researchers call it a "set point" and work as a kind of thermostat in the brain to gain weight and if you stop calorie intake seriously by ignoring this set point condition, your brain will respond to you by slowing down your metabolism so that you will get back much more of every kilo you give.

In addition to all these factors, it is absolutely necessary to be under the supervision of a doctor, taking into account the fact that the hormones of the thyroid are under study and the disorders related to other hormones.