You need to consider your occupation while you organize your diet for healthy living and weight control.
Memorial Hospital Dyt. Yeşim Çelik gave information about "ways of healthy nutrition in business life and correct nutrition in different occupational groups".

Permanent Seating Employees
, such as bank officers and consultants, who have lower calorie expenditure should have lower calorie intake. It would be appropriate to complete the amount of calories needed to eat a little, often by feeding daily.
If lunch is served at the company, light weight and low calorie foods should be preferred instead of carbohydrates, heavy foods. In particular, a food containing salads and protein will keep people busy for a long time, prevent snacks and work more efficiently after lunch.
Instead of consuming tea, coffee, soft drinks, they need to take a jug of water to their tables and consume plenty of them. Herbal teas should be preferred instead of tea and coffee. Especially fennel is recommended because it reduces stress, sage for the immune system, lime is suggested.
For the problem of constipation that may occur due to decreased motion, it is necessary to increase the amount of pulp and fluid intake.

Frequent Travelers
Journalists or international trade people with frequent problems such as irregular meal habits, lack of time to exhaust, balanced nutrition, lack of time-related meal irregularity, lack of water consumption are some of the nutrients they can consume in 2-3 hours to speed up metabolism and get enough nutrition They can carry. Lean crackers are a practical nutrient that can be found and transported everywhere, including ayran, dried apricots, walnuts or almonds, 1 fruit, 1 handful of chickpea, half bagel, cheese, butterless toast and ayran.
People who have to travel often have to eat little and often to keep their weight and eat healthy.
These group employees, who have frequent problems with digestive system problems, need to increase their water consumption and pay attention to the consumption of rich nutrients.

Long Meetings Attendance
Care should be taken to calorie intake as workers in this group will remain immobile for a long time.
Excessive tea coffee consumption, inadequate water drinking, increased consumption of oily and sugary cookies at meetings, increased total calorie intake is observed. Tea and coffee are important because of their antioxidant properties. However, when the consumption is too high, it becomesdangerous for health when it prevents water consumption. Especially tea, coffee sugar is consumed if the situation increases the calorie intake further.
A cube of sugar contains about 20 calories. 100 calories per day is 3000 calories per month. This causes an increase of about 5 kilos in body weight annually. Therefore, instead of cookies served at meetings, lean crackers, quarter pretzels, dried apricots, walnuts, wholemeal sandwiches with cheese, raw vegetables and herbal teas, water are better choices.

Constant Walkers Due to Jobs
Group employees with higher calorie expenditure, such as medical sales representatives, need to be more careful about adequate and balanced nutrition and have to consume enough fluid.

Calorie intake may be lower due to imbalance at meal times. But constantly eating out ready meals, high carbohydrate and fat content, low fiber content can cause low nutritional weight gain.
This means that they must pay attention to the nutrients fat and sugar rate they consume in their diet.

Persons Who Stay in the Same Position
This group of employees, who seem to gain weight gain due to inactivity, should choose foods that are rich in fat, easy to digest, and low in calorie content.
In order to increase the dietary fiber ratio, whole wheat, full rye and whole wheat products, vegetables, dried fruits and dried leguminous beans should be included.

Heavy Workers
Insufficient and unbalanced nutrition reduces the worker's production speed. When there is no food to provide the energy that is required for the job, the energy required for production is reduced as the energy expenditure is restricted.
A high energy nutrition program must be implemented. In addition to energy, protein, vitamins and mineral salts must be taken in sufficient quantities.

Worker nutrition should be handled in two ways at work and at home. Daily food should usually be taken in three meals. Starting work without breakfast reduces work efficiency. While the type of food provided by the energy is not very important, it is recommended that the foods be consumed in protein rich foods besides carbohydrate and fatty foods at breakfast.

Living Without Sleep and Irregularities
Irregular meal habits, lack of time to exhaustion, poor nutrition, late snacking and high sugar content, lack of water consumption, digestive system problems are the most common problems.

Those who are forced to take a lot of food in a short time need to be more careful in their choice of food. The fat and sugar ratio should be balanced and the foods containing enough protein should be the first choice. Care must be taken to ensure that 4 food groups are present together every time they consume. Calorie intake should not be high because you will be out of sleep for a long time and will not have time for exercise.