Unhealthy eating and excessive consumption of alcohol on the New Year's Eve increase the incidence of stomach bleeding, alcohol coma, sugar and hypertension in the first hours of the new year. Spending a healthy Christmas and making a good start to the new year is the way to go from balanced and restrained feeding that night.

New Year's Eve dinner is prepared with a wide variety of dishes and a nice table is prepared, it seems impossible to resist the delicious food prepared.

However, when we think that "one night is too much and fatty foods are not good," we have to apply on the New Year's Eve and the next day because of many health problems such as indigestion to the hospital, high consumption of alcohol, diarrhea and blood sugar increases . It is much more important to consume good foods, to eat healthy and to enter the new year. So paying attention to some nutritional principles will help you meet the new year in a healthy way.

· If you have a large amount of dinner and a variety of food consumption, you should start your day with a light breakfast. For breakfast you can choose a light breakfast consisting of milk and oat cereal or cheese, whole wheat bread, tomato-cucumber.

· If you are going to consume dinner, you may benefit from consuming lunch lightly and vegetables. For example; You can choose a menu consisting of 1 plate of vegetable, plenty of salad and ayran or yogurt, 1 slice of whole wheat bread or 1 bowl of soup.

· We can consume 1-2 servings of low-calorie fruit to prevent our blood sugar dropping in the evening and to be very hungry at dinner time.

· We should take care to prepare a healthy menu which contains balanced protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins and minerals in the evening prepared Christmas table

· If you want to consume meat at dinner, meat must be cooked in the form of grilling, steaming, boiling, very heavy sauce, frying should be avoided.

· Vitamin, minerals and pulp content high salad and olive oil must be found in the menu.

· If appetizers are consumed, light vegetables such as aubergine paste and yoghurt carrots should be preferred.

· Milk and yoghurt group containing calcium and protein must be consumed. Yoghurt salad, yoghurt, pasta with yoghurt can be preferred.

· Foods such as rice, pasta, soup, stuffed toast, bread, chestnut are in the carbohydrate group. The energy content of these foods is high and they increase blood sugar rapidly. While choosing nutrients from carbohydrate group; it must be ensured that the amount of pulp is high and at most 1 or 2 kinds of food should be selected from this group. Those with low glycemic index such as Bulgur pilaf, whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta should be preferred and consumption quantities should be considered. If chestnut rice is the indispensible meal of the Christmas meals, it should be consumed instead of bread and soup and should be limited to 5-6 spoons.

· Excessive dietary and fatty food consumption should lead to health problems such as nausea, indigestion and diarrhea.
· If the food is to be eaten outside, the contents of the prepared food should be known and should be consumed with care to avoid problems such as allergy, indigestion and gas if the food type and food consumed for the first time.

· Meals must be slow-boiled and well-chewed to prevent indigestion and swelling, which will quickly lead to unsatisfaction and lower food consumption.

· Having sat in the table after saturation will cause the amount of food to increase. Therefore, at the end of the meal should be raised from the table.

· Sugar foods contain high energy and cause blood sugar to increase rapidly, so if you want to consume dessert, you should consume as a snack after meals, instead of high calorie sweeties with calorie and fat content, consumption of fruit desserts such as fig cooked sweet potatoes, pumpkin dessert, or milk desserts is recommended.

· If the consumption of dry fruit is required, consumption of nutrients and walnuts containing vitamin E and Q-3 is preferred and the amount of oil consumed is not more than 1 handful.

· 2-3 meals can be consumed after taking care of the amount as a snack after meals.

· Food consumption should be terminated 2 hours before bed.

· If alcohol is consumed, red wine with low alcohol content and antioxidant content may be preferred.

· People with chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, kidney and liver and those who take diet treatment should definitely go on their diet and add nutrients to their diets by consulting dietitians.

· If the amount of food consumed is too great, the weight gain can be balanced the next day for continued exercise, and the vegetable-based low-calorie diet can be balanced over the previous day.