Health professionals who say that low amounts of fat consumption deprives the body of nutrients, lowers bad cholesterol LDL as well as good cholesterol HDL , disrupts bodily functions and causes irregularities in women's periods , dieters want to eat diets Cecilia warns them to watch out.

Experts point out that obesity is increasing day by day due to the presence of more sugar in low-fat foods, despite the large decline in fat consumed per person in recent years. "For a healthy diet , up to 30% of which 8-10% should be composed of saturated oils. For this, three to five servings of olive oil and canola oil per day is ideal to consume monounsaturated fats. One serving is a teaspoon of oil, oil and margarine, and two tablespoons of nuts or walnuts. "

Experts state that the most important points to know about fat are as follows:
· One gram of protein or carbohydrate contains 4 calories and one gram of fat contains 9 calories.

· The oils consist of different combinations of hydrogen, oxygen and carbon. Some oils are healthier due to differences in chemical structures.

· Unsaturated oil in olive oil and canola oil, polyunsaturated oil in vegetable and fish oil, these oils help to lower cholesterol.

 Because red meat is saturated with saturated fat, it increases the risk of heart disease by increasing coconut and palm oil cholesterol as it is saturated with hydrogen.

· Be sure to read the label when handling processed food, avoid foods containing trans fats. People who consume trans fats formed by the combination of vegetable oils and hydrogen are more likely to have a heart attack than those who consume saturated fats. There are trans fats in many food items such as biscuits, crackers, chips, but this is not indicated on the product labels.