Water is present in 83% of the stamen, 75% in the muscles, 85% in the brain, and 22% in the bones.

Benefits of drinking water, why should we drink water?
Water helps to lose weight. Diet and healthy eating is indispensable. Suppresses appetite, accelerates metabolism. Drinking a glass of water during meals will help you get less calories. It feels like Tok. For water instead of sugary drinks. Useful for the kidneys. The kidneys can not work properly without adequate water, diluting salt and stones in the urine and in the body, allowing them to fall. Drinking water causes kidney stones.

Drinking water is useful for the brain. The amount of water in your body plays an important role so that the brain can work efficiently and think better. For a glass of water in fuzzy and suspicious perception situations. Always have water on your desk. Useful for the heart. Decrease the risk of heart disease and coronary diseases, drink at least 5 cups a day. Useful for skin. Provides a healthy and healthy skin rejuvenates the skin. He makes him look young and bright. Helps to moisturize and supplen skin.

The water is detoxified, the acne reduces, clarifies. Useful for the stomach. Fiber and water digestion are good. It regulates bowel and colon movements. Stomach burns, gastritis and ulcers heal. Reduce muscle pain. It opens joints and lubricated muscles for water for muscle pain before and after exercise. Eliminate fatigue and increase energy. Low water consumption causes fatigue, lack of concentration and headaches. It regulates the oxygen level in the vicinity. The heart is necessary to pump enough blood and survive.

Water regulates the body heat, especially the body heat during exercise increases. Starts sweating. Sweat evaporates as the body cools. Fatigue can occur in water loss caused by sweating. Water should be consumed in exercises. There is a need for plenty of water in pregnancy. After birth, plenty of water should be consumed again during the breastfeeding period.