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Nis 12, 2018, 02:53 ÖS
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Nis 12, 2018, 02:49 ÖS
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Nis 11, 2018, 02:39 ÖÖ
 For many, International Women's Day was about sharing in the strength and success of women all over the world. From fighting against domestic violence and period poverty to celebrating female CEOs and 'This Girl Can'.

One woman, Olive Cooke, joined the celebrations by sharing the personal story of her ectopic pregnancy. A year on from her harrowing experience of being rushed to hospital while on holiday in Mexico, Olive took to Instagram to share images of the results of her surgery, and what her scars now look like.

"A day to celebrate and lift each other up!" she wrote on Instagram. "Last year I had an ectopic pregnancy, given half an hour to live I had emergency surgery in Mexico to remove my ruptured fallopian tube and blood clots.

"Coming out the other side of surgery I felt so alone, that life wouldn't be the same and thought no one would understand how fragile I was feeling. But time and time again with help from my beautiful friends and family I picked myself up, when sometimes I thought it would be easier to collapse in a heap of fear and anxiety.

 "This experience changed my life so much, and for the better, it showed me what I value in life, how much I love myself and those around me.  I am still processing what happened and sometimes things are still hard, but now I want to be able to share and help as so many people helped me.

"To anyone who is going through something similar, know that you have strength, and you are not alone. Lets love and support each other, ourselves and our body's, scars and all. As I get better at talking and sharing I promise I will do what I can to raise awareness and love in women's health and confidence. Happy International Woman's Day! #internationalwomensday

The post received more than 23,000 likes and nearly 600 comments from women all around the world praising Olive for her bravery and thanking her for sharing her story.

In the UK, around 12,000 pregnancies a year end up being ectopic - a complication where a fertilised egg attaches itself to one of the fallopian tubes instead of to the womb.

Olive's ruptured fallopian tube left her fighting for her life and having lost a baby, leading her to experience the same emotions as you would with a miscarriage.

But despite her loss and traumatic experience, she managed to push through the pain and focus on the positives in her life, leaning on her closest loved ones for support.

And the most inspiring takeaway from Olive's post? She's smiling through her scars, stitches and hospital gown in every single snap.

Nis 11, 2018, 02:29 ÖÖ
Replace saturated with unsaturated fat
    Enjoy plenty of fruits and vegetables
    Reduce salt and sugar intake
    Eat regularly, control the portion size
    Drink plenty of fluids
    Maintain a healthy body weight
    Get on the move, make it a habit!
    Start now! And keep changing gradually.
    Eat a variety of foods
    Base your diet on plenty of foods rich in carbohydrates
Nis 11, 2018, 02:28 ÖÖ
Tristan Thompson & Khloe Kardashian 'Focusing on Birth of Daughter' Amid Reports He Allegedly Cheated

Was Tristan Thompson really spotted kissing another woman as Khloe Kardashian prepares to give birth to their baby girl?

The Cleveland Cavaliers player made headlines on Tuesday after The Daily Mail obtained video of what appears to be Thompson making out with a mystery woman in New York City. However, a source exclusively tells ET that he and the woman were talking, "nothing more."

"The video going around shows Tristan in a loud club briefly talking to a girl, nothing more," the source says. "Tristan was there for roughly an hour and left with his teammates. Khloe and Tristan are happy and focusing on the birth of their daughter."

The alleged incident took place at Manhattan bar PH-D on Saturday night. The video appears to show the basketball player wearing a hoodie with an unknown brunette draping her arm around Thompson's shoulder as they chatted it up, before she leaned her head into the hood of his sweatshirt.

The woman who filmed the video told The Daily Mail that the two were "obviously making out" all night. Thompson had Saturday off from basketball after playing in Philadelphia on Friday night. The Cleveland Cavaliers played the New York Knicks on Monday.

Shortly after the video went viral, The Shade Room published photos of Thompson with what appears to be the same woman from the bar.

In the wake of the reports, TMZ also published a video of what appears to be Thompson kissing and getting cozy with two women at a hookah lounge outside Washington, D.C., in October 2017. Khloe would have been three months pregnant at the time.

Khloe, meanwhile, has been relaxing in Cleveland, Snapchatting on Tuesday morning as she's expected to give birth to her baby girl any day now. "We are ready whenever you are little mama," she captioned a photo of herself kissing Thompson from their maternity shoot on Monday.

Nis 06, 2018, 11:10 ÖÖ
A thin contour to be made around the lips in those who complain of asymmetric lips or thin lips; it makes the lips more fuller, clarifies the lines and camouflages the wrinkles around it. With permanent makeup this problem has been removed for as long as 3 years. The important thing about applying lip contour is that the lips look natural even when they do not use lipstick. To get full lips without make-up, you should try permanent make-up applications .

Permanent makeup enhances the contrast of the face with a very natural look, sharpens its lines and removes some defects. You will discover the nature of being well-maintained in everyday life and every moment. Permanent make-up eyes make them noticeable when applied to lips on eyebrows.

How to make permanent make-up application?
Before the permanent make-up, the region to be treated with the help of a local anesthetic cream with 15-20 min. After anesthesia is given, it is applied with special permanent makeup device. This process is also carried out with the help of sterile disposable needles with pigmentary substances in the lower layers of the skin.
Nis 06, 2018, 11:10 ÖÖ
Zayıf kirpikleri olan, gözleri belirginleştirmek için uygulanan eye-liner, üst ve alt göz kapaklarında kirpik diplerine uygulanır. Eye liner çizemeyen bayanlara büyük kolaylık sağlayan ve her renk uygulanabilen kalıcı makyaj ile harika bakışlara kavuşursunuz. Sabah uyandığınızda, sporda, havuzda, denizden çıkınca bozulmayan dolgun dudaklar, alımlı kaşlar, çekici bakışlar, canlı bir yüz ifadesi günün her anında güzelliğinize güzellik katacaktır.

Kalıcı Makyaj Uygulaması Nasıl Yapılır?
Kalıcı makyaj öncesinde, duyarlılığı en az seviyeye indirmek amacıyla işlem yapılacak bölgeye lokal anestezik bir krem yardımı ile 15-20 dk. anestezi sağlandıktan sonra özel kalıcı makyaj cihazıyla uygulanır. Bu işlem de pigment maddeleri ile steril tek kullanımlık iğneler yardımı ile cildin alt tabakalarına yerleştirilir.
Nis 06, 2018, 11:09 ÖÖ
Today, there are many new ways to get rid of wrinkles and varicose veins, from laser to peeling. With these new techniques, you can beautify your doctor's office in 1 hour or less. Dr. According to Green, these methods have no side effects, no healing process, and you feel perfect after the operation.

Surveys show an increase of 227% in the number of aestheticians in the US last year, while the use of non-surgical collagen treatment has increased by 51% since 1992.

The new trend is in the direction of smaller and effortless operations. Technological and procedural developments have resulted in queues for such treatments, since most people benefit from less aesthetic methods.

How useful are these treatments? It is wrong to expect miracles in these treatments, which make your appearance smoother. These techniques, which allow you to look better on the surface, obviously do not correct your hanging lines. But your surgery can take 5 years too. With these treatments renewed every few months, it can look young and beautiful, and you can feel good as well.

Some of these treatments are:
Botox : This material injected at microscopic doses temporarily freezes muscles and prevents the formation of wrinkles . It also slows down the aging process. With this method, eyebrows, eyes around and wrinkles can be removed. As an anesthesia, a cream is used that prevents you from feeling your face. There is no healing time, it needs to be reapplied within 3 months to 6 months. As a side effect, there is damage to the eyelid. $ 500 per zone.

Soft Tissue Agmentation : With this method injected deep under the skin, lines, wrinkles and damaged skin can be treated. Ideal way to fill the lines that form from the side to the side of the mouth. An anesthetic is a cream that prevents you from feeling your face. It should be renewed within 3 months to 6 months. As a side effect, there is a redness that disappears within 3-4 hours. Be sure to find out if you are allergic to collagen before treatment. The treatment is $ 400-425.


Peeling / Skin Peeling : The most commonly used (TCA) trichloracetic acid and glycolic acid are the two most popular methods. With these methods, the lines around the mouth may disappear. The skin is glowing after this treatment. It can be applied to the face, ellere, chest and neck. There is no healing period, the redness that lasts a few hours as a side effect may be dryness. Women with dark skin should be very careful about peeling. This method, which costs between $ 125-225, can be very good when applied six times, every 15 days.

Microdermabrasion : In this treatment, aluminum oxide crystals are sprayed on the skin with a mechanical tool by applying the polishing method. With this method you can have a brilliant shiny skin. A little redness may occur. This treatment, which is between $ 175 and $ 200, needs to be renewed a few times.

Laser Therapy : Nd / YAG and diode lasers are used in this treatment. As the skin enters the form, traces from the akinesi, and the lines can get out of the way. Used on face, neck, chest and hands. Anesthesia is either superficial or not used at all. As a side effect, redness or swelling that has disappeared within a few hours can occur. This treatment, which is between $ 400-600, needs to be repeated 4 or 6 times.
Nis 06, 2018, 11:08 ÖÖ
Ideal Breasts: One of the most demanded help from a plastic surgeon after your mother is breast aesthetics. In some women the breast can grow very large during breastfeeding and does not return to its former state. Sometimes when the milking is over, the breast becomes empty and becomes a sagging bag. Dr. The operator says that absolutely milking must be done to give shape to the breast in aesthetic sense. This also applies to silicone prosthesis, shrinking and lifting operations.

Vaginal aesthetics: Normal birth is a stretch in vaginosis. Over time, the tissues in this area get old size and flexibility. Women and obstetricians perform vaginal narrowing and hanging. Plastic surgeons can only correct deformities of the external genital organ, which are born or congenital.
Nis 06, 2018, 11:08 ÖÖ
Cracks , deformations, overweight and sagging in your postpartum body do not disturb your morale. Because all of the deformities that occur
after birth cause mental and physical impairment in the mother. If the desired improvements can not be achieved with precautions such as exercise, it is possible to regain the confidence of the person with appropriate plastic surgery applications. Memorial Hospital Professor of Plastic Surgery Dr. Deniz İşcen gave information about how post-natal women can become beautiful ...

Exercise and Massage
From the pregnancy period, babies and almond oil will be applied with massages, postpartum skin cracks canbe reduced most.
Although the changes in the body occur slowly, it issuggestedthat this change shouldnot reduce the permanent damage in the pregnancy by making it unnecessary to gain extra weight in pregnancy and expanding the fat massages in order to effect the postpartum less.
Mostly baby oil and almond oil are suggested in this subject, of course it is possible to apply cosmetic creams developed every day.
Especially if you can increase the flexibility from the very beginning of your pregnancy in order to prevent the formation of cracks due to pregnancy, the damage to be caused can be reduced the most. Of course the deep features are also here, because genetic effects can cause more cracks. Still, you have to give up the oil massage.
Sagging can be prevented by a certain amount of exercise. It may be possible to get rid of regional accumulation of fat by an appropriate exercise program that starts immediately after birth .

In Your Aesthetic Surgery Service
If you can not get the look you want with the listed precautions, you can benefit from aesthetic surgery. But this assistance should never be done immediately after a cesarean section, or breast surgery to be done while giving milk. So you have to wait for the first year to pass. The actions to be made do not affect fertility, breeding and suckling.

Fat Loss: If you are not thinking about giving birth again, you can be found at the entrance for abdominal fat . In fact, although it is not a condition that prevents the next birth, surgery is not recommended in this case because the outcome to be done will be distorted by a new birth. This is especially true for breast implants and breast surgery. Liposuction, which is an aspiration fat removal method, can be applied to abdomen and leg fats, even if a newborn is given again.
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