1.1   Project Objectives
We do this project to improve our understanding of the construction processes followed during the realization of the design and we also specifically learn AC to DC converters. In addition we also improve our preparation of project.
1.2 Project Goals
 By doing this project we are now ready for the construction that is realization of other projects and we are now have a technical experience on the realization of the software design and also experience on the software design of the projects
1.3   Project Responsibilities
In this project we are responsible to give the project on time and not to cheat during the steps of the project. We are also responsible for not to waste the materials used in the labs and also protect our selves against acid,base and ultraviolet light.
      1.4 Preliminary Specifications
 Input voltage 220VAC 10%
      Output voltage 1,5...12 VDC continuously adjustable
      Output current 1A (maximum)
      Output ripple < 0.1Vpp
      Load regulation better than 1%
      Line regulation better than 1%